July 31, 2021

2020, a golden year for billionaires

The planet now has five centimillionaires. Among them, Elon Musk, whose fortune has increased by 140 billion dollars in a year.

A crisis? What crisis? Despite the spectacular drop in GDP almost everywhere in the world, most billionaires have seen their wealth grow in 2020. The planet is now even five centim billion dollars. According to Bloomberg’s Daily Assessment, Jeff Bezos remains the richest man in the world with $ 192 billion.

The founder of Amazon took advantage of the multiple lockdowns imposed in states affected by the Covid epidemic. The group’s share, in which it holds 10% of the capital, has soared this year (+ 78%). With an estimated fortune of $ 167 billion, Elon Musk comes behind, followed by Bill Gates ($ 131 billion), Bernard Arnault ($ 115 billion) and Mark Zuckerberg ($ 103 billion).

Tesla stock rose 730% in one year

For the founder of Tesla, the year has been doubly beneficial. Not only is his business no longer a money pit, his fortunes have grown by $ 140 billion. No man had ever managed to enrich himself so much in such a short time. Elon Musk, who owns 21% of Tesla, has benefited from investor enthusiasm for the world’s leading brand of electric cars. Tesla stock has been the most demanded in the markets this year and its price has risen 730% year on year.

Apart from Elon Musk, another billionaire stands out this year. His fortune has increased by $ 70.9 billion and yet he is virtually unknown outside of China. Zhong Shanshan stole the title of richest Chinese in the world from Jack Ma. Unlike the founder of Alibaba, who no longer really smells of sanctity in his country, this entrepreneur has no particular problems with the Chinese Communist Party. Zhong Shanshan waters the country. He made his fortune by betting on water. Nongfu Spring sells bottles by the billions.

Françoise Bettencourt once again becomes the richest woman in the world

The professional career of the new richest man in China is the dream of a good part of his compatriots. He started his career as a construction worker, converted to journalism before setting up his business. Zhong Shanshan also runs a pharmaceutical lab that produces vaccines and is working on a nasal spray against covid 19.

As for women billionaires, the year has been rich in twists and turns. Françoise Bettencourt Meyers had ceded to MacKenzie Scott her title of richest woman in the world in September. She has now recovered it with a fortune estimated by Bloomberg at 76 billion euros. Much more than the ex-wife of Jeff Bezos ($ 59.1 billion) who has donated a lot this year. It shed $ 4 billion from which 384 associations benefited. And there is no risk of overtaking the heiress of L’Oréal again. MacKenzie Scott has indeed pledged to give at least half of his fortune during his lifetime or in his will.