July 24, 2021

Amazon is preparing a TV series about the life of Amancio Ortega


Europa Press

Translated by

Clementine Martin

Published on

7 oct. 2020

Amazon Prime Video is preparing a series retracing the story of Amancio Ortega, based on the biography written by journalist Covadonga O’Shea, This is Amancio Ortega. The man who created Zara (This is Amancio Ortega. The man who created Zara, in French).

Amancio Ortega – Europapress

Consisting of eight episodes, the series will tell the story of the founder of Inditex, from his youth until his triumph as one of the richest entrepreneur in the world.

Without an official title for the moment, this fiction will be written by the winner of the Goya Prize (the Spanish César, editor’s note) and former Spanish Minister of Culture Ángeles González-Sinde, alongside Marisol Ferrer, Mercedes Cruz and Daniela Fejerman. This is Norberto López-Amado (series The Tangier Spy) who will take care of the realization.

According to Amazon, this adaptation will remain faithful to the biography which, through conversations with Amancio Ortega himself and members of his intimate circle, traces the path taken by the Spanish entrepreneur, of humble origin, to the creation of Inditex.

“The screenplay will highlight the hard work accomplished by this remarkably simple character, whose vision has changed the fashion industry. He has become a benchmark for Spain, but also for business schools. around the world, ”points out the American company.

“Amancio Ortega is undoubtedly the most famous Spanish entrepreneur in the world. He is a key figure in Spanish fashion worldwide, with an incredible personal story”, enthuses Ricardo Cabonero, director of Prime Video Content in Spain. .

“We would like to introduce Prime members to the incredible efforts behind its commercial success, but also to present its human side, more intimate,” he tempers.

His career from 12 to 70 years

Produced by Ficción Producciones with the participation of CRTVG and FORTAN, the project is currently in the pre-production phase. Filming is expected to begin over the next few months and will take place in several cities including La Coruña, Barcelona, ​​New York, Paris and Lisbon.

“We have been fighting for six years as producers and as inhabitants of Galicia to tell on screen the story of a simple man with rare, even unique talent. As he says. – even in Covadonga’s book: ‘I didn’t build all of this on my own and I don’t deserve to be praised. I just want people to recognize my work and the chance I had to be surrounded by the best“, quotes Mamen Quintas, the producer of the series.

In a press release, she specifies that the series will look back on Amancio Ortega’s life “from his 12 years to his 70 years”.

“We will discover La Coruña after the war, a city to which Amancio wanted to bring light and joy with the help of fashion, democratizing the dress style and giving women of the time the possibility of s ‘dress elegantly in order to be able to flourish more easily at work and in their social life “, she concludes.