July 25, 2021

Bill Gates divorce: his ex-wife Melinda makes a big update

Melinda Gates would have worked with a private investigator before filing for divorce from Bill Gates, this is what Vanity Fair said on Monday, June 7. “False”, replies the entourage of the philanthropist this Tuesday, June 8 to People.

Non, Melina Gates did not spy on Bill Gates, by hiring a private detective: this is what a spokesperson for Melinda Gates told People magazine on Tuesday, June 8. The spokesperson reiterated that Vanity Fair’s Monday June 7 allegations were “completely wrong. Neither Melinda nor anyone under her authority ever hired a private detective“. Vanity Fair revealed on Monday that”two people aware of the situation“had indicated that”someone in Melinda’s circle had worked with a private investigator“And it was this investigation that allegedly led to Melinda’s divorce petition. These sources also said they believed the investigation will be”useful for private and public judgment“.

On May 18, a source told the same magazine People than the business woman “was aware of some issues“towards the supposed indiscretions of her husband,”but it is not clear if she knew everything.“The Microsoft co-founder was accused in a New York Times article of being known to have”questionable behavior in a work context“, and that he had tried”at least a few times“to woo women who worked for him, both at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and at Microsoft. Bill Gates, through his team, had denied the”alleged mistreatment of employees.”

A survey by the Microsoft board of directors in 2019

The famous philanthropist admitted to having had an affair with a Microsoft employee in the 2000s. An adventure that was interrupted “in a friendly way“, as specified in the press release of Bill Gates. He nevertheless condemned the information of the Wall Street Journal according to which the discovery of this infidelity had urged him to retire from Microsoft’s board of directors in 2020. More precisely, the Microsoft employee with whom the millionaire would have had this adventure became known in 2019, triggering an investigation by a law firm outside the company, commissioned by the board of directors. The result of this investigation would have been at the origin of the departure of Bill Gates in March 2020.

© The ImageDirect / BestimageBill Gates still wears a wedding ring, May 21, 2021, at Newark airport in the United States

Melinda Gates filed the necessary papers for her divorce petition on May 3, 2021, and would not request no child support, for her or her children. The couple were married for 27 years, and had three children, aged 25 to 18. Despite the divorce, they announced that they should continue to collaborate within their foundation. Bill Gates doesn’t seem to be ready to move on because he would wear his alliance again

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