August 6, 2021

Cameroonian cinema is exported to the United States thanks to “OUI TV”

Cameroonian cinema is exported to the United States thanks to “OUI TV”

“OUI TV”, the new television channel devoted to broadcasting predominantly Cameroonian French-language television series, will soon launch its programs in the United States on the Dish Network.

From December 11, 2013, lovers of French-speaking African Series in general and Cameroonian in particular will be served. It is on this day that OUI TV will begin broadcasting its programs throughout the United States through DISH Network. The particularity of this new television channel, launched by the Cameroonian Yves Bollangais that it will offer its viewers mostly Cameroonian production TV series.

The first experience of its kind, this initiative should give a boost to Cameroonian film and television production, which, thanks to current works, already has the merit of ranking among the most active in Africa, alongside those of countries like Nigeria or Ghana for English-speaking countries or like Côte d’Ivoire or Burkina Faso for French-speaking countries.

For Cameroonian Yves Bollanga, promoter of OUI TV, the launch of this new television channel should also allow Cameroonian producers, directors and actors to live a little more from their art. OUI TV acquires or better buys directly from African producers the rights to the television series which will be broadcast in the United States. When we know that the lack of financing is very often lacking in Cameroonian producers, there is reason to believe as Mr. Bollanga says so well that with this new source of income, local production will be supported and that many African producers should therefore increase their production.

While it is true that this is the first time that a predominantly Cameroonian television channel will see the light of day in the United States, it is nonetheless true that initiatives of the kind, launched by Yves Bollanga, are already carrying their fruits in the country of Barack Obama.

Yves BOLLANGA: Conquering African-American audiences in the United States


His love for television is no longer a secret. Yves Bollanga whose name – before his arrival in the United States – was more linked to 3A Telesud, a pan-African television of which he participated in the creation, therefore continues his fight and intends to take up the challenge he has launched: that of conquering the African-American audience estimated at more than 41 million households in the United States. . To his credit and to win this conquest, no less than half a dozen television channels already launched, including: TV Naija specializing in the distribution of Nigerian films; Africa Box Office, specializing in the distribution of Afro-Caribbean films; Afrotainment, specializing in the broadcasting of African films, series and talk-shows as well as Afro Music, specializing in the dissemination of African music. An abundant work therefore to which is added YES TV which will be available on DISH Network throughout the United States on channel 9871 or channel 609 for Hopper holders. OUI TV will also be available live on the internet at the address from December 11, 2013 to January 15, 2014.

With programs covering fields as varied as music, sport but especially cinema, it is not excluded that in a few years Yves will speak of his mission as accomplished. Moreover, to make a place for himself and especially a name in the field of television in the United States, Yves Bollanga had to join forces with a major partner: Dish Network, the largest satellite network in the United States. In an article that Forbes magazine devoted to him in April 2013, the promoter of OUI TV did not fail to underline the importance of this partnership not without evoking the meaning of the business which had at the beginning of his project led Charles Ergen boss of Dish Network and his sales team to believe in Yves and especially to bet on the African-American audience.

Cameroon-info.Net will broadcast “OUI TV” exclusively on the Internet for 1 month. Considering the fact that the channel is predominantly Cameroonian, Yves Bollanga gave the premiere of the Live signal to Cameroon-info.Net. You can therefore, from this Tuesday December 10, 2013, watch “OUI TV” live on this page, on the right side…