July 26, 2021

Gina Rinehart: “Are you jealous of the rich? Stop drinking, smoking and socializing!”

The richest woman in the world gave a very personal analysis of the economic situation in Australia. She is the heir to the Hancock Prospecting mining empire founded … by her father.

Gina Rinehart. © AFP/Tony Ashby

Source AFP

The world’s richest woman, Australian Gina Rinehart, heir to her father’s mining empire, mocked “jealous” people who spend more time drinking than working on Thursday and called on the government to lower the minimum wage to attract investment. These comments earned him a flight of green wood from the center-left government that was unanimous against him in the business community by raising taxes on gigantic mining profits and pollution.

Gina Rinehart, heiress and patron of the Hancock Prospecting group, has become the richest woman in the world with a personal fortune estimated at 29.2 billion Australian dollars (24 billion euros) by Business Review Weekly (BRW). “There is no monopoly to become a millionaire,” wrote the industrialist in a financial magazine. “If you are jealous of those with more money than you, don’t just sit around complaining. Do something to earn more – spend less time drinking, smoking and socializing; work more”, a- she launched.

Lower the minimum wage and taxes

“Become one of those individuals who work hard, invest and build, and at the same time create jobs and opportunities for others,” said Gina Rinehart. She also denounced the “socialist” policies of the government which should, according to her, lower the minimum wage and taxes to encourage private initiative. The Minister of Finance, Wayne Swan, virulent contemptuous of Australian multimillionaires who are fighting the mining tax and a new carbon tax that came into force on July 1, immediately stepped up to the plate.

“These comments are an insult to the millions of Australian workers who go to work and sweat blood and water to feed their children and pay their bills,” he replied. The Greens, allies of the government, joked about a woman who “owes her fortune to her family” while the mining union accused her of “delusional”. “As she tries to import cheap foreign labor and avoid paying taxes, Rinhehart claims it’s the millionaires and billionaires who do the most social good,” said astonished union president Tony Maher.