July 28, 2021

Haval celebrates 5 million SUVs sold worldwide –

It was under the theme “Leader in China, aiming for the world” that a HAVAL Grand Ceremony took place, celebrating 5 million sales, at the brand’s research and development center in Baoding. HAVAL owners, Chinese and foreign experts, partners and more than 500 media from around the world gathered to share the success of the brand which will have totaled 5 million vehicles sold, and to attend the publication of the strategic globalization plan “521” from HAVAL.

At the end of 2018, the cumulative global sales of HAVAL SUVs exceeded 5 million units, allowing the Chinese SUV brand to enter the $ 5 million club. HAVAL has been at the top of the list of SUVs sold in China for the past nine years.

The Haval H6, the brand’s true flagship, has been at the top of sales for 67 consecutive months in the SUV market. It is also noteworthy that the sales volume of the newly launched F series models (F5 and F7) exceeded 10,000 units in December 2018.

Globalization strategy 521 marks a new era for HAVAL
HAVAL brand founder Wei Jianjun has said on occasion that the globalization of Chinese brands is an inevitable trend. “In the future, HAVAL must go global to create globally competitive products, create a brand of global influence and become the world leader in SUVs. At the ceremony, Wei Jianjun officially released the HAVAL 521 globalization strategy, which aims to achieve an annual sales volume of 2 million vehicles within 5 years and become the number 1 SUV brand at the level global.

At the same time, Wei Jianjun made a detailed plan for future technology research and development, smart grid and new energy development of HAVAL. At present, HAVAL has already created eight research and development centers around the world: autonomous driving, smart grids and renewable energies. Continuous improvement in R&D provides leading technical support to HAVAL for the creation of globally competitive products.

At the same time, the brand has also established a new technology incubation laboratory in Silicon Valley to conduct advanced technology research and development in cooperation with international giants in the field. Over the next five years, HAVAL’s total global R&D investment will exceed 30 billion yuan. In terms of R&D on smart grids, HAVAL intends to build a system integrating artificial intelligence technologies, and will create a 5G smart connectivity ecosystem in cooperation with the Internet of Everything platform. This will allow the brand to meet user needs in 24 languages.

On the renewable energy side, HAVAL has invested billions of yuan. Technological innovation in the field of FCEV allows the brand to stay ahead of the curve in terms of hydrogen production. HAVAL is thus already able to produce vehicles that run on hydrogen. Going forward, the brand will thoroughly explore holistic solutions such as plug-in hybrid power to create high-quality SUVs that will meet the diverse demands of consumers around the world.

By 2023, HAVAL plans to launch 20 global products incorporating advanced technologies, with a ratio of over 60%. Among them, the flagship models H6 and F7 aim to be among the top 10 SUVs in the world. In 2022, the HAVAL hydrogen SUV will make its debut at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

On behalf of HAVAL, Wei Jianjun also launched an initiative to establish a global alliance of Chinese automakers. HAVAL wishes to develop in-depth cooperation in all areas, such as renewable energies, smart transmission and smart grids, and promote the globalization of Chinese automobiles. Meanwhile, Phil Simmons, Global Design Director and Vice President of Great Wall, also gave an in-depth interpretation of HAVAL’s overall design concept, with a presentation of the brand’s future stylistic language.

And to reward the 5 million Haval owners, Li Hao a famous TV host, announced during the evening the official launch of the event “500 million red packages to celebrate the 5 million sales made by HAVAL”. Until February 28, HAVAL will be offering gifts to its customers worth 1,000 yuan, 2,000 yuan, 3,000 yuan, 4,000 yuan and 4,999 yuan. Each new buyer will thus be able to win maintenance coupons, coupons for accessories or even warranty extensions.