July 24, 2021

New York Mets fans can’t wait for Steve Cohen

It’s been barely a few months that Steve Cohen is the new boss of the New York Mets and already, he suffers the wrath of his supporters.

According to what Joel Sherman reports, he receives several emails from Angry Mets supporters. Is it really justified? The free agent market is at a standstill at the moment.

It still attracted James McCann ($ 40m) and Trevor May ($ 5.2m) and extend Marcus Stroman’s contract ($ 18.9 million).

The supporters however, they want more. And with good reason, the Mets have a lot of money and Steve Cohen promised he was going to spend a lot.

At the same time, you can’t blame the new owner when you consider this statistic: 15 MLB teams still haven’t signed a free agent for over a million dollars.

And a dozen teams have still not awarded a major league contract to a player (including the Yankees).

Compared to other formations, Steve Cohen moves. Indeed, of the three biggest signings, Marcus Stroman (Mets), Kevin Gausman (Giants) and James McCann (Mets), two came from the New York wallet. We can also add that he has spent 74.65 million dollars since the opening of the free agent market. The rest of the National East spent $ 28.99 million ($ 27.99 million spent by the Atlanta Braves).

The $ 40 million expense for James McCann is bigger than the entire expense of each MLB team. So to come back to my original question: is the frustration of Mets fans justified? In my opinion, the answer is no.

The Mets just haven’t (yet) managed to attract one of the big players still available. But it will come. Mets supporters, be patient.

Besides, George Springer could very well end up in New York.

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