July 25, 2021

South African Airways refuse de mourir

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The airline company South African Airways will continue in May and beyond to offer flights of repatriation and of fret, despite the announcement of a stop operations last weekend.

While it was believed doomed to disappearance with the cessation of all activities on May 8, 2020 and the government’s announcement of a project to relaunch a new national company, a court stopped everything: seized by unions, the court declared illegal the layoff plan announced in April, which provided for the departure of all employees to avoid bankruptcy. South African Airways, grounded since March 27 due to pandemic Covid-19, has since stated in a statement that it will therefore continue its repatriation and freight flights ” at least throughout the month of May “, And” honor all existing commitments to provide air transport services to its customers and any other requests it receives “. SAA specifies that it works with governments, local and foreign, and received ” many »Repatriation requests across Africa, the Americas, the Middle East, the Far East and the United Kingdom. ” As long as such requests are received, SAA will endeavor to satisfy them. », She emphasizes.

Trade unions NUMSA for mechanics and BAG for the cabin crew declared victory against “unfair” dismissals, the Federation of South African Trade Unions explaining in a statement that it has “always been irrational and illogical” that the directors rush the layoffs “without first producing a plan safety “. The directors of the company Star Alliance should appeal the court’s decision, believing that layoffs (and the associated savings) are the only way to avoid bankruptcy; their restructuring plan is due to be unveiled at the end of the month.

After a new wave of restructuring announced last February by a South African Airways already in a bad position, which involved severe cuts in the network from its base at the airport of Johannesburg-OR Tambo, the Minister of Public Enterprises Pravin Gordhan had refused to help him financially. In the red since 2011, the South African company has been on a drip for years and subjected to endless political intervention.

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