July 28, 2021

2018 Forbes Ranking Of French Billionaires

For the second year in a row, Forbes France unveils its ranking of French billionaires. If the top five has not changed (except for Françoise Bettencourt Meyers, heir to his late mother Liliane), the amount of the fortune of the winners of this list – which includes two new entrants – has precisely known “various fortunes ”In particular for two personalities who saw their respective gains“ fly away ”for one and literally“ evaporate ”for the other. State of play.

39. Not one more, not one less. This is exactly the number of billionaires carrying the French flag in our 2018 ranking of French fortunes. A number, almost round, which corresponds precisely to that of the billionaires already present last year in the previous list concocted by the international teams of Forbes. To all credit, honor, Bernard Arnault retains the reins of the ranking after having torn them with a hard fight from Liliane Bettencourt last year at this time. Died last September, the heiress of L’Oréal obviously sees her presence in this ranking “perpetuated” by her daughter who now has her fortune. But unlike the last version, the battle between the spearheads of L’Oréal and LVMH – respectively credited with 39.5 and 41.5 billion dollars in the previous edition – has absolutely not taken place since Bernard Arnault saw his personal fortune soar to reach 72 billion dollars! Light years away from Françoise Bettencourt Meyers, who therefore takes up the family torch, and a fortune estimated by us at $ 42.2 billion.

A “surge” by the director of LVMH mainly attributable to the strengthening of the Arnault family group on the structure of the world number 1 in luxury, and the absorption of the entire Dior Couture entity. Added to this the excellent stock market performance of LVMH – whose stock went from 145 to 246.7 euros in one year to the point of becoming the first market capitalization of the CAC 40 – and the world luxury leader to sit still more control over a sector which had an excellent year 2017. As evidenced by the other “breakthrough” of this top of the table, in this case that of François Pinault, conductor of Kering, a great rival of LVMH who saw his fortune almost double over a year, from 15, $ 7 billion to $ 27 billion. The good performance of the former PPR on the stock market (the Kering share has appreciated by nearly 70% in one year!) Partly explains this rise in power. Not to mention record annual results thanks to an invigorated Gucci and once again ready to do battle with the competition (+ 44.6% increase in turnover to 6.2 billion euros) after a nightmarish 2015.

End of the hype Drahi

Still in the lead car, Serge Dassault failed at the foot of the podium, overtaken by the breaking wave Kering, but the owner of the Figaro However, his fortune continues to grow, rising from $ 16.1 billion to $ 22 billion in one year. Finally, Emmanuel Besnier, from Lactalis, completes the top quinté and also performs a nice tumble from the 8e to the 5e place with personal wealth dropping from $ 11.3 billion to $ 14.7 billion. Under heavy fire from critics after the health scandal involving cans of infant milk produced in its Craon factory, the (very) discreet boss of the world number 1 in dairy products briefly came out of his silence trying to stem the tide media.

On the other hand, the former “number 5” of the Forbes ranking has literally disappeared from radar screens. Indeed, we must look beyond the “top 10” (11e) to find traces of its former occupant, the Franco-Israeli telecoms magnate, Patrick Drahi, who has largely lost his luster. Here is a simple example to illustrate the turpitudes of one who wanted to work for the consolidation (one more) of the sector in France.

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# 1 Bernard Arnault

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Born in 1949
Net worth (in billion euros): 60 billion
Main source of income: LVMH

Ranking Firstname name Fortune (in billions of euros) Fortune (in billions of dollars)
#1 Bernard Arnault 60 Md€ $72,2 Mds
#2 Françoise Bettencourt Meyers 35 Md€ $42,2 Mds
#3 Francois Pinault 23 Md€ $27 Mds
#4 Serge Dassault 19 Md€ $22,6 Mds
#5 Emmanuel Besnier 12 Md€ $14,7 Mds
#6 Alain Wertheimer 11 Md€ $13 Mds
#7 Gérard Wertheimer 11 Md€ $13 Mds
#8 Xavier Niel 7 Md€ $8,1 Mds
#9 Vincent Bollore 6 Md€ $7,4 Mds
#10 Carrie Perrodo 6 Md€ $7,2 Mds
#11 Patrick drahi 6 Md€ $7,1 Mds
#12 Jacques Saade 6 Md€ $7 Mds
#13 Pierre Bellon 5 Md€ $6,1 Mds
#14 Jean-Michel Besnier 5 Md€ $5,4 Mds
#15 Marie Besnier-Beauvalot 5 Md€ $5,4 Mds
#16 Martin & Olivier Bouygues 4 Md€ $4,9 Mds
#17 Jean-Pierre Cayard 4 Md€ $4,5 Mds
#18 Michel Leclercq 3 Md€ $4 Mds
#19 Marc Ladreit De Lacharrière 3 Md€ $3,7 Mds
#20 Alain Merieux 3 Md€ $3,2 Mds
#21 Anne Beaufour 3 Md€ $3 Mds
#22 Henri Beaufour 3 Md€ $3 Mds
#23 Philippe Foriel-Destezet 2 Md€ $2,9 Mds
#24 Louis Le Duff 2 Md€ $2,9 Mds
#25 Nicolas puech 2 Md€ $2,8 Mds
#26 Mohed Altrad 2 Md€ $2,7 Mds
#27 Gilles Martin 2 Md€ $2,6 Mds
#28 Bernard Fraisse 2 Md€ $2,3 Mds
#29 Alain Taravella 2 Md€ $2,2 Mds
#30 Philippe Ginestet 2 Md€ $2,1 Mds
#31 Christian Latouche 2 Md€ $2,1 Mds
#32 Charles Edelstenne 2 Md€ $2,1 Mds
#33 Edouard Carmignac 2 Md€ $1,8 Mds
#34 Clement Fayat 2 Md€ $1,8 Mds
#35 Dominique Desseigne 1 Md€ $1,7 Mds
#36 Michel Chalhoub 1 Md€ $1,6 Mds
#37 Norbert Dentressangle 1 Md€ $1,2Mds
#38 Francis Holder 1 Md€ $1,2 Mds
#39 Yves-Loïc Martin 887 Millions $1,1 Mds
#40 Francois Feuillet 807 Millions $1 Mds

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