July 24, 2021

Premier League: the owner of Man City less rich than that of Stade Rennais?

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Among the wealthy owners of a football club in the world are the wealthiest businessmen. But not necessarily in the order you might think.

The English daily The Sun reports a study ofOnline Betting Guide which made the ranking of the owners of the richest sports teams in the world. This ranking includes Cheikh Mansour, owner of Manchester City, but also the Pinault family, owner of Stade Rennais.

François Pinault 5th

And it’s there Pinault family which appears to be the best ranked of the two by pointing to 5th place in this illustrious ranking with a fortune estimated at 35 billion euros. The owner of Manchester City, Sheikh Mansour, only points to eighth place with a fortune estimated at “only” 25 billion euros. What to give regrets to the supporters of the Breton club since the difference is made in the willingness to invest in their respective club.

Note also in this ranking the presence of the owner of RB Leipzig and Salzburg, Dietrich Mateschitz who is in 9th place. A ranking in which the owner of Chelsea does not even appear, Roman Abramovitch. The fortune of the Russian businessman is currently estimated at “only” 11 billion euros.

The complete ranking

1 series – Mukesh Ambani (Yes) – Mumbai Indians (cricket) – 60 MDS €
2nd – Steve Ballmer (USA) – LA Clippers (NBA) – € 58 billion
3ème – Armancio Ortega (Spain) – La Coruña (Liga) – 52 MDS €
4th – Carlos Slim (Mexico) – Club Leon (Liga MX) – € 42 billion
5th – François Pinault (France) – Stade Rennais (Ligue 1) – € 35 MDS
6th – Daniel Gilbert – (USA) – Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA) – 34 MDS €
7ème – David Thomson – (Canada) – Winnipeg Jets (LNH) – 33 MDS €
8th – Sheikh Mansour (UAE) – Man City (Premier League) – € 25 billion
9th – Dietrich Mateschitz (Allemagne) RB Leipzig (Bundesliga) – € 23 MDS
10ème – Joseph Tsai (Thailand) – Broklyn Nets (NBA) – € 12 Bn

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