July 29, 2021

Viessmann completes the acquisition of Kospel

The purchase transaction of the global Kospel share package by Viessmann has been finalized. The Office for Competition and Consumer Protection has accepted the acquisition of sole control of the Koszalin company by Viessmann Zweite Investment GmbH & Co. The company that has become the owner of Kospel SA is part of the Viessmann group, controlled by Viessmann Werke GmbH & Co KG. The merger of two family businesses will certainly strengthen the position of both brands in the global market.

Viessmann is a family business that has been operating continuously since 1917. The company’s headquarters are located in Allendorf, in central Germany. The company has branches in dozens of countries around the world employing a total of approximately 12,000 people.

The founder of the company was Johann Viessmann. Then its extension was undertaken by his son – Hans. The current owner is the founder’s grandson – Martin Viessmann. For many years, the company has been showing the direction that is followed by other manufacturers in the industry. Viessmann bases its activities on three values: teamwork, responsibility and entrepreneurship.

Viessmann – a giant in the heating device market

The activity of the Viessmann group is concentrated around heating and cooling technologies. The devices manufactured by Viessmann are intended for both individual users and businesses. The company offers complete technical solutions, particularly in the field of heating and air conditioning.

In Poland, among other gas boilers, oil-fired boilers and modern heat pumps are very popular. Viessmann, taking control over Kospel, expands its portfolio with high quality heating equipment that is powered by electricity.

Kospel – a company with solid foundations

The history of Kospel dates back to 1990. Investments in modern technologies and an emphasis on own product solutions have enabled the Koszalin family business to achieve the status of one of the largest manufacturers of electric heaters in Europe in 30 years.

Currently, Kospel devices are manufactured in four production plants. The company’s head office and two of the four factories are located in Koszalin. The production of the products is also located in Damnica (near Slupsk) and Karlino. It should be mentioned that currently another production hall is under construction in Koszalin with an area of ​​15,000 m2.

Takeover of Kospel by Viessmann

The decision to purchase Kospel by Viessmann was taken against the prognosis of the expected increase in the importance of electricity in the areas of heating and domestic hot water production in the near future. Viessmann, by taking control over the Polish manufacturer, is expanding its offer with electric water heaters, electric central heating boilers and DHW tanks. Better access to the Central and Eastern European markets is an immeasurable advantage for the Allendorf company.

Viessmann has shifted from a manufacturer of heating technology to a provider of complete solutions for residential and industrial spaces. The solutions proposed aim to improve the comfort of users on a daily basis. The priorities of the Viessmann group are among others the supply of domestic hot water, the optimization of the heating temperature and the best air quality. The company is engaged in activities aimed at optimal use of renewable energy sources.

The purchase of 100% of Kospel shares by Viessmann is one of the largest transactions in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) sector in Poland in recent months. Representatives of the two companies signed a key contract in the third quarter of 2019. At the end of January, the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection approved the merger consisting of the acquisition of sole control of the Koszalin company. by the Viessmann group. The synergy of the two companies will certainly have a positive impact on the offer of modern solutions available on the market.

Until now, the German company had five branches in Poland: in Wroclaw, Poznan (Komorniki), Warsaw (Piaseczno), Myslowice and Gdansk (Rusocin). The company’s resources also include a production plant in Legnica. The incorporation of Kospel into the ranks of the group allows Viessmann to increase its production capacity through the four modern factories located in northern Poland.

Modern electric heating

Kospel is one of the leading European manufacturers of electric heating equipment. The company’s staff is currently around 500 employees. The manufacturer’s offer includes electric central heating boilers, electric water heaters, DHW tanks and central heating buffer tanks. In addition, modern heat pumps and solar collectors are very popular with customers.

Kospel’s specialization is oriented towards the production of modern and ecological heating devices. Electric boilers manufactured in Koszalin can cooperate with photovoltaics. In combination with heat pumps and solar collectors, the solutions offered by the company make it possible to prepare domestic hot water in an ecological way.

Kospel’s activity is based on four key values ​​such as authenticity, commitment, flexibility and continuous development.

Take care of the environment

Kospel’s mission is to provide comfortable and clean heating. To meet customer requirements, the latest technologies are constantly implemented and the highest quality standards are used in all production plants. The manufacturer’s offer includes heaters that stand out for their functionality, design and energy efficiency.

All Kospel electrical appliances are characterized by the possibility of using renewable energy sources. By introducing new technical solutions to the market, Kospel aims to specialize in the production of innovative and environmentally friendly heating systems. Viessmann sees a good chance of the growing importance of electricity in heating and hot water production areas in the future.

A common future

The union of the strengths of the two companies is the guarantee that soon even more innovative and technically advanced devices will appear on the market. Ulrich Hüllmann, Chief Financial Officer of the Viessmann Group, commented on the acquisition as a continuation of strategic investments in the electricity sector.

In turn, Krzysztof Lukasik, the current owner of the Kospel company is full of optimism that his work will be continued by a large family business which is Viessmann. At the same time, he assures us that he will actively participate in the development of the brand.

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