July 26, 2021

Why it’s going to be so cold in France at the beginning of April

It will be very cold at the beginning of April, all over France. A meteorological phenomenon initiated by a wave in the jet stream easily explains this wave from the Arctic.

On March 30, 2021, as France prepared for generalized reconfinement, temperatures soared. Météo France noted that it was the hottest day for a month of March on record in 75 years of data taking on the subject, with an average at 7 p.m. ” at 24.1 degrees Celsius »In France. Summer temperatures that seemed to pull France – and Europe – out of winter and which, even with a worrying 10 degrees above a normal March, augured for milder days to come. However, it is not.

On the contrary, the week following the Easter weekend will be marked by a return of abnormally low temperatures. Tuesday morning 6, Frenchwomen and French will wake up with temperatures between -4 degrees Celsius in the east of the country and 12 on the Côte d’Azur. It will be 1 degree with risk of snow in Paris and 2 degrees in Lyon. In other words, the country will experience a drop of about twenty 20 degrees in a short week.

And this meteorological anomaly is explained by a completely normal phenomenon known to scientists: a cold front from the Arctic, called arctic blast by our inventive English-speaking colleagues.

From the cold come from the cold

If the temperature is this cold, it is because the cold will come from one of the coldest regions of the world: the Arctic. This is what Météo France affirms in a post published on its site ” In the wake of this disturbance, cold air coming directly from the Arctic, will rush into the country. This burst of cold air will cause the return of snow to the heights of the Vosges, the Jura, the Alps, the Morvan, the Massif Central but also the Pyrenees as the disturbance passes. On these reliefs, the rain-snow limit will be lower and lower », We can read.

On Instagram, the Scottish meteorologist Scott Duncan published an animation that allows you to visualize what, in concrete terms, will happen in the European sky between April 3, 2021 and April 6, 2021. ” The contrast between this week and the week ahead is almost a joke. I did not publish this animation on April 1: no one would have believed me », He comments.

On Twitter, the meteorologist continues to explain the phenomenon. The jet stream, a well-known air current that is found in the Earth’s atmosphere and that surrounds our planet like a sort of band, has made a wave. This hollow heat wave created a call for air, ” perfect configuration for cold transport », Comments Scott Duncan. And it is by rushing into this curve of the jet stream that the arctic air can spread over all of Europe, taking up all the space on the map. Between a particularly orange Europe at the end of March and a Europe which will turn blue in the representations of meteorologists, the contrast is marked.

What is happening in Europe on the weather side // Source: Scott Duncan

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Pexels / Hunter Harmon (cropped photo)

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