July 27, 2021

4 Myths Of The Yachting World The Media Believed

le History Supreme

In the summer of 2011, UK-based designer Stuart Hughes said he had received an order for the most expensive yacht in history, the History Supreme. 30 meters long, Stuart Hughes has claimed that the yacht was bought by a Malaysian billionaire for a whopping £ 3 billion. The high price of this yacht (compared to the € 3-4 million that a yacht of a similar size costs) was explained by the more than 100kg of gold and platinum used in its construction as well as by the large number of precious materials.

Following Stuart Hughes’ announcement, the international media multiplied the articles on the History Supreme – the most expensive yacht in the world, some even going so far as to speculate on its buyer who would be Robert Kuok, the richest man in the world. Malaysia. A few days later, the Italian shipyard, Baia Yachts issued a press release explaining that the images of Hughes’ so-called History Supreme were actually retouched photos of one of their yachts.

The Streets of Monaco

Created by the English design firm, Yacht Island Design, the 155-meter project, The Streets of Monaco, was clearly presented as a mere concept. However, this was not enough for several newspapers which continue to publish articles on the construction of this “yacht” to this day. A brokerage company even put this concept up for sale on a yacht search engine indicating a delivery date (2017) by a Turkish shipyard despite the fact that this project never went beyond the concept stage.

Triple Deuce

In October 2014, the world of yachting was turned upside down by the announcement in the international press of the sale of the construction project for the world’s largest yacht, the Triple Deuce, 222 meters long and supposedly sold by 4Yacht. Not only was the size of the yacht astonishing but so was the format of the press release. The project, for which no designer was ever announced, claimed delivery in 2018.

Following a study conducted by Yacht Harbor in 2016, it became clear that this project had in fact never existed. No shipyard had the capacity to build such a yacht during this period and the brokers unanimously confirmed that the Triple Deuce was only an advertising operation for the agency. Media such as CNN, however, announced the alleged sale of the alleged 222-meter yacht in October 2014.

123 meter yacht sold on Ebay

He is still an urban legend who continues to dominate the list of the most expensive items ever sold on the Ebay site. The sale of a 405-foot yacht in 2005 on the online auction platform remains a myth based on no reality. This yacht, supposedly designed by Frank Mulder, was offered on Ebay in 2005 by the agency which also announced the sale of the Triple Deuce in 2014.

In 2006, this agency issued a new press release in which it claimed that it had sold the yacht through the “Buy It Now” button on Ebay with a deposit of $ 85 million, equivalent to 50% of the cost of the yacht. Some media immediately questioned the validity of these statements and found it a few days later on Ebay again. 10 years later, this sale remains just a myth.