August 4, 2021

Bitcoin – Peter Thiel (Paypal) returns his jacket

Peter Thiel, co-founder of Paypal and member of the board of directors of Facebook, returned his jacket during a conference organized by the Richard Nixon Foundation. The billionaire is now worried that Bitcoin may diminish the international role of the dollar, and thus do China’s business.

Peter Thiel

Bitcoin, a weapon in the service of the Chinese party?

The “maximalist pro-bitcoin” is cheating on the dollar:

« China does not like the fact that the United States enjoys the international reserve currency because of the many advantages that come with it. It allows us, for example, to prevent Iranian oil exports. […]. The Chinese do not want the yuan to become a reserve currency because that would mean the end of capital controls. […] I think the Euro can, in a way, be seen as threatening the dollar and indirectly serving the interests of China. Things have not gone as planned (for the euro) over the past decade, but the point is that China would like a second international reserve currency to emerge alongside the euro. »

It makes you wonder if our maximalist friend has not been called to order by Mike Pompeo, former CIA Director and Secretary of State, who also participated in the event … Let us specify in passing that China is not the only country exasperated by the exorbitant privilege of the petrodollar. It is in reality the whole world which would like to stop financing the lifestyle of Americans …

« Even though I’m pro-crypto, pro-bitcoin maximalist, I wonder if at this point bitcoin shouldn’t be viewed in part as a Chinese financial weapon directed against the United States. Bitcoin threatens the fiat currency but especially the US dollar. Since China wants to weaken the dollar, it supports bitcoin. Maybe from a geopolitical point of view, the United States should be asking questions », Added Thiel.

The billionaire then rightly declared that the domestic digital yuan is just a vulgar stablecoin, ” a totalitarian surveillance tool “. In other words, it is the first step towards a cashless society. Hopefully this lucidity will echo as far as Europe, where a faction led by Macron, Christine Lagarde (ECB) and even Jens Weidmann (Bundesbank), have the dark plan to make cash disappear …

Did you say Nixon?

let’s remember that the petrodollar was born under the Nixon presidency, shortly after the end of the Bretton Wood agreements, when Washington stopped converting the dollar into gold. We warmly recommend that you read this article which tells the story of this extraordinary geopolitical coup orchestrated by the disaster. Secretary of State d’alors, Henry Kissinger.

The short story is that the Americans made a proposal that Saudi Arabia could not refuse … Kissinger made the false promise to the Saudis to return Israel to its 1948 borders, in return for which Saudi Arabia owed commit to two things:

  1. Sell ​​your oil EXCLUSIVELY in dollars
  2. Invest your surplus dollars in the United States

This is how the petrodollar was born before the Saudi King was assassinated to ensure that there is never a turning back, despite the colonization of Palestine which still continues to this day.

The petrodollar system is formidable in that it allows the United States to post a chronically negative trade balance without its exchange rate collapsing. The reason being that the oil-producing countries return the dollars (created ex nihilo) to the United States. This money immediately returns to the issuing country by feeding the Ponzis of the American stock market / debt as well as the pockets of gun dealers. Cannons used to destroy Yemen, by the way …

In short, by refusing to sell its oil in dollars, Iran has drawn the wrath of Uncle Sam who threatens huge fines for any company buying Persian naphtha. BNP Paribas still remembers it …

Bitcoin ethics

So the founder of the dismal mass surveillance firm Palantir is suddenly worried that bitcoin may eventually carve out the lion’s share of international foreign exchange reserves …

One then naturally comes to wonder if the recent interest of Paypal for the BTC was not a simple swindle aiming to obtain something from the US administration (the creation of the “Digital Dollar”)? After all, Remember that Paypal claims to buy bitcoin for its customers while refusing to give them their private keys. Not your keys, not you bitcoins …

If Thiel hadn’t considered bitcoin to become an international reserve currency, what was he thinking when Paypal got into bitcoin ? Was it really about preventing people from buying real bitcoin?

How to pretend to be a maximalist bitcoin while rejecting the idea that China and the United States can play on equal terms on the monetary level. Defending the dollar’s exorbitant privilege is absolutely anti-bitcoin.

Bitcoin is not a speculative rattle. One of its main attributes is to be a stateless currency. It is the ultimate expression of monetary ethics. Where is Thiel’s ethics when he passes our data through artificial intelligence, or when he defends the unjust right of monetary seigniorage of the United States?

It all comes down to schizophrenia. Wanting to extend a dollar-centric international monetary system is implicitly choosing war, Mr Thiel. To embrace bitcoin is to refuse a new world war. And I weigh my words.

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