August 6, 2021

Forbes: these new unknown billionaires revealed in 2019

It has been a successful year for billionaires despite the instability of the stock market and a protracted trade war between the United States and China. Over 200 people around the world have joined the ranks of billionaires in Forbes since January. The new members are between 21 and 90 years old, and have built fortunes in everything from electric vehicles to down jackets.

Forbes selected ten new billionaires – most of whom are self-made. Four of them have started food and beverage companies, including Anthony von Mandl, the man behind the popular White Claw Hard Seltzer, and GT Dave, which sells over $ 250 million. of kombucha dollars per year. Another newcomer, Herbert Wertheim, rose from truancy to one of the largest buy and hold investors in the United States. And Tatyana Bakalchuk became the second woman billionaire in Russia after launching an e-commerce site while on maternity leave.

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From four countries and two continents, here are the ten most remarkable new billionaires of 2019. Net worth is as of December 12, 2019:

Tatyana Bakalchuk

Net worth: $ 1 billion
Source : e-commerce
Pays : Russia

The former English teacher has taken an incredible step this year: Tatyana Bakalchuk is only the second woman in Russia to become a billionaire. A mother of four, she launched the e-commerce site Wildberries in 2004 while on maternity leave. Realizing how difficult it was for mothers to buy clothes with a newborn baby at home, Tatyana Bakalchuk first set up the online store to resell clothes she bought in bulk from a German site. . She graduated from working directly with suppliers; its site now sells 15,000 brands and attracts 2 million daily visitors in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. As founder and CEO, she led the company to $ 1.9 billion in revenue in 2018.

GT Dave

Net worth: $ 1 billion
Source : kombucha
Pays : United States

George Thomas Dave, who calls himself GT Dave, started brewing and bottling kombucha at his parents’ house after high school. He was the first to put fermented drinks on store shelves in the late 1990s. Today, his company GT’s Living Foods has captured about 40% of the US kombucha market, generating estimated annual sales. to $ 275 million. GT Dave made his billionaire debut in May and remains the sole owner of GT’s, a company worth over $ 900 million. Recently, it has branched out into other drinks like CBD water and coconut kefir.

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Kylie Jenner

Net worth: $ 1 billion
Source : cosmetic
Pays : United States

Perhaps the best-known – and most controversial – newcomer to billionaires, Kylie Jenner won the title of youngest self-made billionaire at age 21 earlier this year. In March, Forbes estimated that her ultra-popular brand Kylie Cosmetics – which she started after her lipstick kits went “viral” in 2015 – was worth at least $ 900 million, in part thanks to an exclusive distribution deal with the beauty retailer Ulta. In November, the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan agreed to sell a 51% stake in her business to perfume and cosmetics company Coty Inc. for $ 600 million, valuing her business at just under $ 1. $ 2 billion.

Daniel Lubetzky

Net worth: $ 1.1 billion
Source : Healthy Snacks KIND
Pays : United States

When the snack bar billionaire appeared on the cover of a U.S. issue of Forbes earlier this year it begged the question: are Kind bars really healthy? One thing is for sure, Daniel Lubetzky turned his benefactor rhetoric into a fortune of $ 1.1 billion, although some nutrition experts claim Kind bars are not nutritious. In response, Kind said it “offers millions of people healthy options through our nutritionally dense snacks.” Daniel Lubetzky founded Kind in 2004; Chocolate giant Mars Inc. bought a minority stake in the snack bar company in 2017. In October, Kind announced that it had acquired Creative Snacks, Co., a North Carolina-based snack maker, for an undisclosed amount. But the billionaire must have delivered some bad news that month as well, as he said Kind would lay off 15% of its workforce by the end of the year.

Jimmy John Liautaud

Net worth: $ 1.7 billion
Source : sandwich chain
Pays : United States

Although Jimmy John Liautaud opened his first Jimmy John’s sandwich shop 35 years ago, he has just joined the ranks of billionaires this year. He started his sandwich empire using a $ 25,000 loan from his father, and sold a majority of the business in 2016 in a deal that valued the chain at around $ 3 billion. Earlier this year, the Illinois native sold his remaining stake in the company to Inspire Brands, a restaurant group that is part of Roark Capital of Atlanta, for an undisclosed amount. Inspire Brands also owns Arby’s, Sonic, and Buffalo Wild Wings.

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Charles Zhengyao Lu

Net worth: $ 1.85 billion
Source : chain of cafes
Pays : China

After starting a car rental company and car call service, Charles Zhengyao Lu decided to overtake Starbucks by supporting Luckin Coffee. The popular coffeehouse chain, which opened its first store in October 2017, now has more than 3,500 locations in China and went public on the Nasdaq in May 2019. Charles Zhengyao Lu, who helped fund the business in As an “angel investor” and now chair of the board of directors, owns about a quarter of the shares of the company. A true “serial entrepreneur,” Charles Zhengyao Lu’s first major victory was the founding of car rental company Car Inc. in 2007. He guided the company to an IPO in 2014, raising more than $ 400 million. dollars on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Orlando Bravo

Net worth: $ 3 billion
Source : capital investment
Pays : United States

Wall Street’s sexiest negotiator, Orlando Bravo is Puerto Rican first billionaire. The outstanding former junior tennis player runs buyout firm Thoma Bravo, which focuses solely on software transactions and manages $ 39 billion in assets. The San Francisco-based company has completed 230 software transactions worth more than $ 68 billion since 2003. Forbes estimates that Thoma Bravo, wholly owned by Orlando Bravo and a handful of its partners, is worth $ 7 billion.

Herbert Wertheim

Net worth: $ 3.1 billion
Source : investments
Pays : United States

Florida optometrist Herbert Wertheim is the epitome of a self-made billionaire. He joined the US Navy at the age of 17 after facing truancy charges. Herbert Wertheim showed an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, when he was a NASA engineer in Cape Canaveral, where he designed an automatic tempering machine to make beeswax candles, 38 cm, anti -drop. He then founded Brain Power Inc., a manufacturer of optical tints for eyewear, in 1970, and earned his first million dollars five years later. He has since shifted his profits from Brain Power into a diversified equity portfolio and is the largest individual shareholder in aerospace company Heico.

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Anthony of Mandl

Net worth: $ 3.5 billion
Source : alcohol
Pays : Canada

This Canadian is one of the quiet billionaires and is responsible for this summer’s biggest trend: the White Claw Hard Seltzer. Forbes estimates his American brand Mark Anthony Brands – which includes White Claw and Mike’s Hard Lemonade – is worth around $ 3.5 billion. He is the sole owner. Anthony von Mandl made his debut in the beverage industry at the age of 22, as an importer and seller of fine wines. He then opened an award-winning winery in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley, Mission Hill Family Estate, and now owns a collection of five wineries. He also owns 100% of Mark Anthony Wine & Spirits, an importer and distributor in Canada.

MacKenzie Bezos

Net worth: $ 34.5 billion
Source : Amazon
Pays : United States

The fourth richest woman in the world debuted in 15th position on the list Forbes 400 of 2019 after receiving the biggest divorce settlement from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. MacKenzie Bezos, an early “big contributor” to Amazon, received 25% of Amazon stock from her ex-husband after finalizing the divorce over the summer. She signed on Giving Pledge shortly thereafter, which could push her down the ranks in the future. Published author MacKenzie Bezos is a graduate of Princeton (where she studied English), as is Jeff Bezos. They started dating while working for DE Shaw hedge fund in New York City.

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