July 24, 2021

Here are the 5 must-read summer readings … according to Bill Gates!

You may soon be packing your bags for a few well-deserved weeks of rest! And when choosing your readings, you may need a few tips! Since Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft is no longer hand and foot tied to his company, he gives his opinion on everything … After the inventions which, according to him, have changed the world, Gates improvises a literary critic for your holidays.

Even if We are not convinced that Bill Gates readings are the pinnacle of relaxed reading, it may be of interest to some or some of you! Like every year, the avid reader that is Bill Gates gives his ranking of must-read books! This year the axis of his readings is in the relationship between Man and Nature… And it has been more fragile than ever in recent years!

Under The Sky : Nature Future par Elizabeth Kolbert

The New Yorks Time says of this book: “ Important, necessary, urgent and incredibly interesting The author asks the question of knowing if we can still save Nature after all the damage we have caused her! In this book, she takes a very critical look at the world we have created!

The test takes place over his meetings with a biologist who tries to preserve the rarest fish on Earth…. Or with Icelandic engineers who turn carbon emissions into stones. Or with Australians trying to make a coral that would survive in warmer waters! A formidable examination of the actions of Man who have harmed our Nature!

Lights Out: Pride, Delusion, and the Fall of General Electric

A book written by two journalists from the Wall Street Journal which looks back on the history of the General Electric firm… But above all on its impressive fall and the causes which led it to bankruptcy! Since its founding in 1892, the company has been more than a company …

For years, working at GE has been a security, a pride, a sure investment and a synonym of social success! The legendary boss Jack Welch had made his company a flagship of the United States! This was not the case with his successor Jeff Immelt, who, because of a policy of “gain at any cost” ended up causing the decline of the company.

A Promise Land d’un certain Barack Obama

This book is none other than the first volume of the memoirs of the emblematic former president of the United States! Let’s not forget that the country’s first African-American democratic president! In this book, he tells himself without taboos! From his somewhat chaotic youth where he was looking for his access to the presidency of one of the biggest world economic powers!

Barack Obama’s book “A Promise Land”. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Ralf Liebhold

He also tells about the unprecedented transformations and upheavals he was able to instill in his country! Dive into the heart of the life of the Obama couple, and the policy they pursued for 8 years, before a certain Trump came to turn the country upside down, but in the opposite direction of Obama!

This powerful and beautifully written book is the expression of Barack Obama’s deep conviction: democracy is not a gift from heaven, but an edifice based on the empathy and mutual understanding that we are building together, day after day. (French version available on Amazon at a price of 32 € paperback)

An Elegant Defense by Matt Richtel

Bill Gates says this book is valuable reading that will help you understand what it takes to stop COVID-19. … A super interesting look at the science of immunity. Also written by a reporter but from The New York Times, this book is a tale that looks back on an acclaimed and definitive exploration of the immune system and the secrets of health.

He explains that while the immune system is a formidable disease-fighting machine, it is also exposed to an impressive variety of unsuspected threats. Fatigue, stress or a poor diet can jeopardize our immune system, which seems invincible. A book that questions many things, especially on our consumption habits!

Richard Powers’ World Tree

This book is Pulitzer Prize 2019 and Grand Prize for Literature 2018 and is the only novel on Gates’ list! “If Powers were a 19th century American author, who would he be? He would probably be Herman Melville, and he would write Moby Dick. “ written Margaret Atwood, Canadian novelist. A novel that looks back on the links between Man and Nature. And, in particular the research of a botanist on communication between trees!

Around the biologist, nine different destinies will unite to save a California redwood tree. Behind this rather pleasant novel actually hides one of the greatest ecological dramas of our time that we will let you discover. Of Bill Gates ‘five readings, only Obama’s book and Powers’ book have been translated into French … If you are interested in others, you will need to have a perfect mastery of Shakespeare’s language!

The World Tree

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