July 24, 2021

Swiss: The Blocher now in the top ten of the richest


The clan of the former Federal Councilor entered the ranking of the 10 richest families in Switzerland. A Switzerland that has seen more billionaires leave than arrive.

Magdalena Martullo-Blocher, patron saint of Ems Chemie, and her father Christoph Blocher are among the richest Swiss.


Among the 300 richest in Switzerland, the Kamprad family still dominates in 2017 the ranking established by With. The family heritage of the Swedish furniture giant is estimated at between 48 and 49 billion francs, according to the survey published on Friday. The Swiss-Brazilian Jorge Paulo Lemann remains second. The largest shareholder of the brewer AB-InBev has assets of 28 to 29 billion francs. The Hoffmann and Oeri families, who hold the majority of votes in the Basel pharmaceutical group Roche, defend their third place with 24 to 25 billion francs.

New: the Blocher family makes its first appearance in the top ten of this ranking. With assets estimated at 12 billion francs, Christoph Blocher, his wife and four children are ranked 10th thanks to the actions of the Ems Chemie group, which have increased in value by a third in recent years.

Several billionaires have left

However, several foreign billionaires, including the founder of Ikea himself, left to settle in other skies, against two arrivals. Indeed, Ingvar Kamprad, long the richest man in the country, did indeed leave his house in Epalinges (VD) to return to Sweden at the age of 90.

In total, the survey of With reports nine departures, mainly to London. Conversely, it lists fifteen arrivals, mostly fortunes of less than half a billion francs. It therefore appears that the rich who leave Switzerland are often more fortunate than those who settle there.


This is how the owner of the global petrochemical giant Ineos, Jim Ratcliffe, whose Withestimates the fortune between 5 and 6 billion francs, returned to the United Kingdom. His company, based in Rolle (VD), has just bought the Lausanne-Sport football club.

Balance sheet also indicates the move across the Channel of Anne-Marie Latsis (3 to 4 billion francs), member of the Greek clan active in oil, real estate and banking. Alan Howard (1.5 to 2 billion), co-founder of hedge fund manager Brevan Howard, has joined his family in the British capital.

Reinold Geiger (1 to 1.5 billion francs), president and boss of L’Occitane cosmetics, has left French-speaking Switzerland for Luxembourg, where the group is based. Finally, still in the category of billionaires, businessman Vasily Anisimov (2 to 3 billion) no longer resides in German-speaking Switzerland, but in Russia.

Movements which can be explained, beyond the framework conditions, by the individual family situation, underline the authors of the survey. The more prosaic aspects, such as the issue of inheritance tax, should not be neglected either.

Among the notable arrivals is Belgian Count Marc-Oswald van der Straten-Ponthoz. With a fortune estimated between 1.5 and 2 billion francs, the descendant of the creators of beer Stella Artois, at the origin of the largest brewer in the world AB-InBev, has taken up residence in the canton of Geneva.

Another newcomer to Switzerland: Ukrainian businessman Gennadiy Bogolyubov, with assets in the order of 1 to 1.5 billion francs. The founder of Banque Privat, since nationalized, settled in the town of the end of the lake in early 2017.

The classification of Withwelcomes a dozen new names including several local entrepreneurs. Jérôme Félicité, at the head of the Gerofinance group founded by his father, made his entry there (fortune estimated between 100 and 200 million).

New billionaires

Two new local fortunes of the same order of magnitude also come from real estate: that of entrepreneur Avni Orllati and that of Raffaelo Radicchi, today the largest private landowner in the canton of Neuchâtel.

A few families suddenly see themselves promoted to the rank of billionaires. This is the case for Martine and Jean-Paul Clozel following the January sale of their Basel group Actelion to Johnson & Johnson. Ditto for the Schneider family, which sold 80% of the Breitling watch brand to the British fund CVC Capital Partners.

1.Kamprad family (DV, furniture): 49 billion 2.Jorge Lemann (SG, beer and fast food): 29 billion 3. Hoffmann and Oeri family (BS, Pharma): 25 billion 4.Safra family (GE): Banking and real estate): 20 billion 5.Famille Brenninkmeijer (ZG, Textiles and real estate): 16 billion 6.Bertarelli family (BE, Pharma and biotech): 14 billion 7.Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken(GR, brewery): 14 billion 8.Viktor Vekselberg (ZG, participations): 14 billion 9.Schindler family (NW, elevator): 13 billion 10. Blocher family (ZH, chemicals, media, Läckerli): 12 billion.

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