July 26, 2021

Cortana disappears from the taskbar, goodbye assistant!

It is now confirmed: Microsoft is putting Cortana in the background, and will no longer try at all costs to make you use its unloved assistant when you start Windows 11 for the first time. You will no longer find Cortana in the taskbar.

Cortana remains one of those vestiges of the Steve Ballmer era, when Microsoft imagined its world of tomorrow, without really realizing what was happening important in the competition. The launch of Cortana dates from 2014, the time when Microsoft had just bought Nokia. Cortana is one of the last products launched by Steve Ballmer before he passed the torch to Satya Nadella.

With hindsight, we know that the only assistants who have succeeded in convincing the greatest number are either assistants found on mobile phones which have established themselves as the most popular (mainly Google Assistant and Siri) as well as Amazon thanks to its range of connected speakers and the good reputation of its Alexa assistant.

Windows 11 puts Cortana in the background

Microsoft has probably known for years that not many people use Cortana, but as you know, as soon as you do a fresh install of the system on a machine, the welcome screen still greets you with the voice – not really very useful – of the assistant. At best, this noisy reception is harmless – after all it is enough to turn off or unplug the speakers to be quiet.

But there was reason to wonder why so much relentlessness if the response from users is not positive. Because as we saw with the first version of Edge, it is not enough to force users’ hands – they still have to find something there that is useful to them on a daily basis. For the browser, the solution was to switch to Chromium, and the market share of the new Edge has since gone up.

Likewise, the supply of assistants that already exists can do a lot more than Cortana. It is therefore not very surprising to learn that Microsoft has decided to put Cortana in the background in Windows 11. Microsoft explains in fact: “Cortana will no longer be included on first start or in the taskbar”. For now, we remain cautious – it looks like a complete removal, but Microsoft does not make it clear.

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According to the presentation of Windows 11, it seems that Microsoft has in fact decided to merge the technologies of Cortana in Windows instead. During the presentation, the firm insisted, for example, on the quality of voice input in all applications of the operating system. What do you think of Cortana’s disappearance? Are you going to regret it? Share your opinion in the comments.