July 29, 2021

Covid-19: Vaccinated Air New Zealand flight attendants now exempt from isolation

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All crews vaccinated fromAir New Zealand are now exempt from compulsory isolation.

In a message sent to staff on Friday, Air New Zealand management confirmed that from June 30, 2021, vaccinated crews operating on high-risk routes to United States will no longer have to isolate themselves. “It will be good news and something that we and the unions have actively championed”, indicates the message. “ The exemption applies to any crew that has flown on a route ” at high risk “And who is fully vaccinated against Covid-19. “ Unvaccinated crews taking high-risk roads will have to self-isolate and test themselves when they return from duty, the message said. It also indicates that the Ministry of Health has designed all routes over six hours as “Higher risk”. “This means that the obligation for unvaccinated crews to self-isolate and test themselves applies to all long-haul flights, not just at San Francisco and Los Angeles. »

The move comes as the government announced it was ending funding for Air New Zealand’s five-star isolation hotel, at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. The crews were to isolate themselves there at the taxpayer’s expense until they returned a negative test. Some crews thus spent more than 100 days in isolation. Some New Zealand media questioned this logic of spending related to the quarantine rule in hotels.

Covid-19: Vaccinated Air New Zealand flight attendants now exempt from isolation 2 Air Journal

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