August 6, 2021

Here are the 20 richest Americans

The American magazine Forbes has just delivered its ranking of the 400 richest in the United States. Bill Gates remains at the top of the charts, but who are the other 19 in the top 20?

  • 1. Bill Gates, $ 81 billion. The founder of Microsoft has been the richest man in the United States for two decades. The one who symbolized the irruption of high tech in the economy now focuses on his charitable actions and patronage through his foundation.

    Credit: Image: Chip Somodevilla / AFP

  • 2. Warren Buffett, $ 67 billion. The Oracle of Omaha has transformed Berkshire Hattaway from a company active in the textile industry into a global finance giant. His choices are rarely faulted. At 84, he continues to lead the group’s strategy.

    Credit: Image: Bill Pugliano / AFP

  • 3. Larry Ellison, $ 50 billion. The now ex-CEO of Oracle founded Oracle in 1977 and has led the company to the top of the tech industry. This sailing and extreme sports enthusiast has just handed over the reins of the company to two of his lieutenants.

    Credit: Image: AFP

  • 4. Charles Koch, $ 42 billion. One of the bosses with the least media exposure in the top 20, Charles Koch made family industries into a real empire, Koch Industries, which he piloted with his brother David Koch.

    Credit: Image: Stationhype / AFP

  • 5. David Koch, $ 42 billion. The two Koch brothers share the management of Koch Industries, but the parallel goes up to the amount of fortune, estimated by Forbes to be identical for Charles and David.

    Credit: Image: Atlantico

  • 6. Christy Walton, $ 38 billion. The richest woman in the United States is also the richest woman in the world according to Forbes, who estimates her fortune at $ 1 billion more than that attributed to Frenchwoman Liliane Bettencourt. A shareholder in the distribution giant Wal-Mart, Christy Walton is not the only member of his family to find himself at the top of the ranking.

    Credits: Image: Alberto E. Rodriguez / AFP

  • 7. Jim Walton, $ 36 billion. After the Koch family which follows in 4th and 5th places, the Walton family trustees the following places. Just behind Christy Walton is Jim Walton: the youngest son of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton is also the largest shareholder of the American retail giant, with an estimated stake of $ 31 billion.

    Credits: Image: DR

  • 8. Michael Bloomberg, $ 35 billion. The former mayor of New York had promised to devote himself to his charities and sponsorship at the end of his term. Finally, he resumed activities within Bloomberg LP, his empire in the field of communication and media, in which he still holds 88% of the capital.

    Credit: Image: David Buchan / AFP

  • 9. Alice Walton, $ 34.9 billion. In the Walton family, after the sister and the brother, here is another sister, Alice. In the family, this other daughter of Sam Walton plays the card of art and cultural patronage, multiplying actions in this area.

    Credits: Image: DR

  • 10. S. Robson Walton, $ 34.8 billion. Always the same Walton family, here represented in 10th place in the ranking by S. Robson Walton, eldest son of the founder of Wal-Mart. S. Robson Walton was also a partner in a prestigious American law firm.

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  • 11. Mark Zuckerberg, $ 34 billion. At 30, Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest of the top 20. The founder of Facebook has increased the bets in recent months, including the acquisition of WhatsApp for $ 19 billion. Keeping the world number one in social networks is undoubtedly at this price, according to its strategy.

    Credits: Image: Scott Olson / AFP

  • 12. Sheldon Adelson, $ 32 billion. Sheldon Adelson made his fortune in real estate and casinos, especially in Las Vegas. This staunch Republican spent nearly $ 100 million in 2012 to support Barack Obama’s opponents and continues to support the party with out-of-pocket meetings in Nevada.

    Credits: Image: Ethan Miller / AFP

  • 13. Larry Page, $ 31.5 billion. The co-founder of Google (with Sergey Brin) sees his fortune swell year after year (18.5 billion in 2007, 24.5 billion in 2013). In charge of product development at the head of Google, it was he who initiated the diversification of the business (Google Car, Google Glass, Google StreetView).

    Credit: Image: Justin Sullivan / AFP

  • 14. Sergey Brin, $ 31 billion. Just behind his sidekick Larry Page arrives Sergey Brin, the other co-founder of Google. He is now focusing on Google X, the division of ambitious but risky projects of the web giant.

    Credit: Image: Justin Sullivan / AFP

  • 15. Jeff Bezos, $ 30.5 billion. Another web giant, Jeff Bezos founded and grew Amazon. The one who is still CEO today has no shortage of ambitious projects and, if some blame him for the poor financial results of the group, he keeps replying that the returns will be fabulous very soon.

    Credits: Image: Manjunath Kiran/AFP

  • 16. Carl Icahn, 26 milliards de dollars. Often described as an unscrupulous investor, Carl Icahn has been able to grow his capital year after year. In recent months, he has looked into the Hertz car rental empire, where he has imposed his strategic views to increase returns.

    Crédits: Image: Henry Ray Abrams/Keystone

  • 17. George Soros, $ 24 billion. Now almost as well known for his philanthropic activities as for his successes in the field of investments, George Soros is one of the deans of the ranking (84 years).

    Credit: Image: Mike Coppola / AFP

  • 18. Steve Ballmer, $ 22.5 billion. The one who succeeded Bill Gates at the head of Microsoft has in turn passed the torch to Satya Nadella, after 14 years as CEO of the IT giant. A few weeks after leaving his post, he bought the franchise from the Los Angeles Clippers, an NBA basketball club.

    Crédits: Image: Frederick J. Brown/AFP

  • 19. Forrest Mars Jr, $ 22 billion. Another family in the ranking with this time the Mars family who built their fortune around the eponymous chocolate bars. Forrest Mars Jr is the major shareholder along with his brother and sister.

    Credits: Image: DR

  • 20. Jacqueline Mars, $ 22 billion. Sister to Forrest Jr and John, Jacqueline Mars is the other granddaughter of the founder of the Mars Empire, Frank Mars, who founded the company in 1911.

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Number 1 in the United States and number 1 globally: Bill Gates continues to reign at the peak of wealth. The founder of Microsoft is at the head of a fortune of 81 billion dollars, according to the latest Forbes 400, the ranking of the 400 richest people in the United States, published by the magazine Forbes September 29.

If he left the operational management of Microsoft for several years and now devotes himself to his activities as a patron with his wife Melinda, fighting in particular for access to education for the poorest populations, Bill Gates does not. nonetheless retains record capital. A capital that he announced that he wanted to bequeath 95% to his foundation upon his death, as part of The Giving Pledge campaign.

Warren Buffet far ahead of Larry Ellison

The number 2 in the ranking has also joined in this crusade of donations: Warren Buffett saw his fortune rise this year to 67 billion dollars. Still holding the reins of Berkshire Hattaway despite his 84 years, the Oracle of Omaha does not intend to retire as long as his health permits.

To complete this podium, return to the world of high tech with Larry Ellison. The now ex-CEO of Oracle, who has just handed over to Safra Catz and Mark Hurd, has a fortune of $ 50 billion, according to Forbes.