August 3, 2021

HKD 154 million jackpot in Hong Kong vaccine lottery

3.266 million doses of vaccine have been administered but to date only 19% of the population in Hong Kong have received two doses and 29% at least one. Hong Kong is far from the 70% recommended by the World Health Organization to achieve collective immunity. Vaccine lotteries could change everything.

As the Hong Kong government struggled to convince Hong Kong people to be vaccinated, the announcement of a lottery with exceptional prizes led the numbers of vaccinated to take off. This initiative is accompanied by the announcement of the reduction of the mandatory quarantine at hotel to 7 days according to the origin of the traveler. looks back on these super prizes whose total value reached 153.4 million Hong Kong Dollars.

$ 11 million apartment in the lottery

By far the biggest prize at stake is a 42-square-meter apartment valued at HK $ 10.8 million donated by the real estate group Sino Group and Chinese Estates Holdings Limited whose draw is open only to permanent residents of Hong Kong aged 18 or over and having received two doses of the Covid-19 vaccines. Another 20 prizes worth HKD 100,000 each in the form of consumer credit are up for grabs for all Hong Kong residents. This lottery is open until September 1, 2021 at 5.30 p.m. here.

The foundation Cheung Kong by Li Ka-shing, for his part, launched a jackpot totaling 20 million Hong Kong Dollars. The first prize is HKD 5 million in vouchers to be used as a contribution towards the purchase of an apartment. The 2nd and 3rd prizes are respectively vouchers in the amount of 3 and 1 million HKD, accompanied by 10 vouchers of 100,000 HKD and 20 vouchers of 50,000 HKD to be spent in the brands of the ParknShop group, Watsons Wine , Fortress, Harbor Plaza hotels or for utility bills. The lottery will be available to residents vaccinated before August 31, aged 18 and over. For more details, here.

Photo usHusen Siraaj / Unplash

A year-round room in a luxury hotel with the lottery

The real estate group Chinachem announced a raffle of over HKD 20 million in prizes for any vaccinated resident. The prices include stays at Nina Hotel hotels, vouchers and meals in group restaurants. Details will be announced soon.

The luxury hotel chain Shangri-La will give a traveler an entire year at one of its 100 hotels in over 76 destinations around the world, including London, Tokyo, Paris, New York, the Maldives. The lottery will soon be open to all Hong Kong residents vaccinated before August 31 and aged 18 and over. For more information, here.

Dorsett Hospitality International, will offer 1000 nights in the lottery named “It takes two to travel” for vaccinated people from Hong Kong. 500 two-night stays will be up for grabs, with winners choosing their stay from a list of Dorsett International hotels around the world, including their new hotel on Australia’s Gold Coast which opens in December 2021. Dorsett Hospitality International will also sponsor 300 stays in Japan (in Tokyo, Osaka and Kanazawa) through its partner Now Hospitality Group, which owns properties across the country. The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce will organize this lottery. For more information, here.

Three Mercedes Benz and a Tesla in the lottery

The New People’s Party by Regina Ip announced a selection of luxury awards including one Rolex and diamond. Other prizes offered include jewelry, vouchers and a highly regarded tea, Da Hong Pao. The lottery is worth over 1 million HKD, open to fully immunized group members and employees aged 18 or over in Hong Kong. More details will be announced shortly.

The real estate developer Henderson Land Development – who belongs to Lee Shau-kee – organizes six lotteries between June and September 2021. One winner will receive a grand prize – 60 taels of 24 carat gold (i.e. 2.25kg d’or), worth over 1 million Hong Kong Dollars. Other prizes include vouchers for over 1 million HKD and a total of 300 taels of 24 karat gold. The lottery will soon be open to fully immunized Hong Kong residents aged 18 and over, here.

Another real estate group, Goodman Hong Kong is offering a Tesla Model 3 Long Range valued at over HKD 500,000. All residents who were vaccinated before August 31, 2021 are welcome to participate, with the total in-game prizes amounting to over HKD 1 million. More information will be announced in due course here.

Jardine Matheson will offer a prize pool of HKD 10 million to entice Hong Kong residents to get vaccinated. In addition to three new Mercedes Benz 2020 Sedans, prices include stays at the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong hotel, shopping and dining vouchers at Maxim’s, Wellcome, Mannings, IKEA, Pizza Hut and KFC. The lottery will be organized by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce from July 2, 2021, it is open to HK ID holders and vaccinated. In the meantime, find out more here.

Hong Kong lottery cruise
Seacation stays on a cruise ship are at stake

A private party in an Airbus to be won

Cathay Pacific offers the possibility of organizing a party in the company of the guests of your choice on the new Airbus A321neo aircraft the company. The company will also offer 20 million Asia Miles: 10 winners will each receive 1 million Asia Miles, the 100 others drawn will receive 100,000 miles. All residents vaccinated before August 31 can participate in this lottery organized by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce from July 2. To be continued here.

The Hong Kong airport authorities will also stake 60,000 plane tickets, including 10,000 for airport staff and 1,000 for their own staff. The lottery is open to Hong Kong residents and airport workers vaccinated before the end of September, details to be announced here shortly.

Dream Cruises involves Seacation for residents vaccinated before the end of July, aged 18 and over. The grand prize is an annual pass « All-You-Can-Cruise » for a luxury cabin with balcony for 4 people, worth HKD 3.8 million. Other prices include a two-night cruise for six guests on the Genting Dream, and other two-night stays at sea for the winners and their guests. here

The Hong Kong Metro will offer 500 vaccinated people randomly drawn annual packages with unlimited travel on the entire MTR network. The lottery will be organized by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce and details will be announced shortly.

150 iPhone 12s to be won in the lottery

Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited announced two lotteries – one for fully vaccinated Hong Kong residents and another for its staff – with prizes worth a total of HK $ 10 million. The group will offer each day in July and August two iPhone 12s accompanied by a SmartOne 5G package each. The other prices include vacation packages and vouchers. For more information, here.

The operator 3 Hong Kong will host a lottery for 33 iPhone 12 Pro phones, open to fully vaccinated Hong Kong residents who sign a new contract or renew their existing contract. More details should be announced soon.

$ 1 million in food vouchers

The Hong Kong Association of Banks is offering all residents who have received both doses of Covid-19 vaccines the opportunity to win vouchers worth 100,000 HKD. Find out more here.

K. Wah International Holdings Limited will set up a weekly lottery in addition to the HKD 1 million donation to encourage the most disadvantaged Hong Kong people to get vaccinated. Vouchers worth HKD 2,000 in electronic format to be redeemed at the InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong hotel will be offered to vaccinated residents. A total of HKD 1 million in food vouchers will finally be in play until August 31, 2021. Pending registration, more information here.

Pacific Place and the owner of Cityplaza, Swire Properties announced a lottery for vaccinated residents comprising 500 vouchers of 10,000 HKD to be used in the group’s shopping malls. More information will be available soon, here.

The Hong Kong Chinese Manufacturers Association announced a lottery of more than HKD 5 million in vouchers and gifts for vaccinated residents. Two winners will each receive a HKD 1 million prepaid card. More information soon.

The chain of beauty stores Now will host a HK $ 1 million coupon lottery. Fully immunized Hong Kong residents are eligible. A more detailed announcement will be made soon.

Hong Kong vaccinated pot
Disneyland Hong Kong by night – Personal photo

Theme park stays and in-game cinema

For young and old, the amusement parks of Hong Kong are not left out to offer lots for the vaccinated.

Hong-Kong Disneyland

Mickey’s Theme Park offers resident visitors vaccinated at least once and health personnel between June 2 and June 28 and who have registered for a “My Disney” account with gift vouchers in the shop of a value. from HK $ 250.

Ocean Park

Until June 30, visitors who have been vaccinated at least once will be able to receive discount coupons in the park. These include vouchers on meals at the Bayview Restaurant and free rides to attractions.


The cinema chain Emperor Group will offer 20,000 tickets to vaccinated residents and will also raffle a two-day stay and vouchers for members of its staff who have received the two doses of Covid-19 vaccines. The lottery will start on July 2.

From June 29, the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce will announce the entire prize pool that it will put into play with the various entities mentioned above, the dates of the lotteries and the dates of registration. Find out more here. The results of the draws will be published in newspapers and social networks depending on the platform chosen and on the various dates announced. Stay Connected. wishes good luck to all vaccinated!

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