July 31, 2021

Jurassic Park: what happened to the two children in the film?

The two children Timothy and Alexis were the heroes of the Jurassic Park cinematographic saga, the first part of which airs this Tuesday, June 30. Almost thirty years later, what has become of them?

This Tuesday, June 30 from 9:05 p.m., TF1 broadcasts the first part of Jurassic Park, released at the cinema in 1993. The masterpiece signed Steven Spielberg obviously features dinosaurs but also young children, Joseph Mazzello in the skin of Timothy and Ariana Richards in the character of Alexis.

Alexis says Lex Murphy is Hammond’s (Richard Attenborough) granddaughter, she’s a vegetarian and geek. For his part, his brother Timothy, says Tim, is passionate about dinosaurs. Since this film, Joseph Mazzello (Timothy), now 36 years old, will have made a career in the cinema after studies paid thanks to his stamp for The Lost World : Jurassic Park (1997), in which Irrfan Khan played, the second part of the saga. The one nicknamed Joe Mazzello played the role of John Deacon, the bassist of the band Queen, in the film Bohemian Rhapsody released in 2018, film paying homage to Freddie Mercury. We also saw it in The Pacific, then as Dustin Moskovitz in The Social Network.

A series of awards

Ariana Richards will have dropped out after Jurassic Park, roles in Tremors, then in Tremors 3: The Return. In her younger years, she won several awards: the Young Artist Awards for best a young actress in a TV movie for Tragic confusion (1992), the Young Artist Awards for Best Young Actress in a Television Movie for Love above all (1993) and a Bambi Awards for Best Actress for Jurassic Park (1993). In addition, the now 40-year-old actress has released an album, First Love. She also paints. As a reminder, twenty years after the first release of Jurassic Park on our screens, the children were back in the dark rooms in the 3D version of the film.

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Photo credits: SIPA