July 26, 2021

Money, money: David Tepper still the richest NFL boss by far

Don’t worry too much about the NFL bosses, the health crisis has not necessarily left huge holes in the coffers of their main activity. In any case, David Tepper is not going to complain.

In the new Forbes ranking of sports franchise owners, the Panthers boss appears in seventh place overall, and first for the NFL. With a fortune estimated at 14.5 billion dollars, it has posted a fine increase of 21% since April 2020. As a reminder, Tepper works in investment and fund management.

Behind him for the lace-up ball, Jerry Jones takes second place to Stan Kroenke. The latter lived the most difficult year, with a real estate market which was obviously not favorable to him and made him lose 18% of his fortune.

The big winner of the year is Arthur Blank, who joins the Top 20 billionaires in sports and seventh place in the NFL. Thanks to Home Depot, his DIY store, his fortune increased by 35%. During confinement, people tinker!

In the general classification, it is Mukesh Ambani, owner of the Mumbai Indians, who is in first place. His fortune is estimated at 84.5 billion greenbacks, with an increase of 130% over one year.

Top 7 NFL billionaires

– David Tepper, Carolina Panthers (8th overall team owner (s) – $ 14.5 billion, + 21% – fund management)
– Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys (12th, 8.9 billion, 11% – Cowboys, energy)
– Stan Kroenke, Los Angeles Rams (14th, 8.2 billion, -18% – Sport and real estate)
– Shahid Khan, Jacksonville Jaguars (15th, 8 billion, + 3% – Automotive parts)
– Stephen Ross, Miami Dolphins (16e, 7 milliards, -8% – Immobilier)
– Robert Kraft, New England Patriots (17e, 6,9 milliards, 0% – Kraft Group)
– Arthur Blank, Atlanta Falcons (20e, 6,2 milliards, +35% – Home Depot)