August 2, 2021

“Paul Biya must give more consideration to investors”

Invited in ABK Matin of June 24, 2021 on ABK Radio, the politician spoke about the sextape at the office of Martin Camus Mimb and the meeting between Dangoté Aliko and Paul Biya.

Aliko Dangot and Paul Biya at the Unity Palace – DR

Audience of Aliko Dangoté at the Unity Palace

Paul Biya received on Wednesday June 23, 2021, the Nigerian industrialist Aliko Dangote. Their discussions mainly focused on new investment opportunities in Cameroon. Hervé Emmanuel Nkom finds this meeting normal. ” Speaking of the meeting between President Paul Biya and Aliko Dangote, I think it is natural for the President to meet with investors, because they bring added value and contribute to job creation He says.

« Each system has its own way of working. Yes, the president must give more consideration to investors He adds.

Sextape at RSI

The ABK Matin consultant condemns what happened and asks MCM to apologize to the young girl and to remain silent. ” What happened at RSI is a crime if not a continuation of crimes. We must not play with what concerns the protection of our youth and public order. I ask those who think of solidarity to think of all the victims of this act. We must condemn this act, Martin Camus Mimb must apologize and be silent. We must be clear we must condemn this », Declares the activist of the CPDM.

The ruling party’s political cadre says he is capable of taking the life of anyone who does the same thing as young Malicka Bayemi was done. ” Someone do what they did to young Malicka to one of my daughters, I kill him », Declared the member of the central committee of the party of the flames.

In addition, he did not fail to give his position on the sexual orientation of the new US Ambassador to the country. ” We have an ambassador from the United States who is homosexual, that poses a lot of problems. We have a situation that puts us in front of our limits », Says the banker by training.

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