July 27, 2021

The owner who puts the whole league in agreement

The superstars make the show on the floor but behind the scenes, the owners remain the bosses of each franchise. A survey was conducted with some personalities in the NBA world to designate the best owner in the league.

The most publicized stars of the NBA remain above all the players. A finding that is less the case among owners, although some are now quite famous and known among fans. This is usually either a good thing or … a very bad thing.

So who is the most popular in the league? To answer this question, The Athletic conducted a survey asking the opinion of many people from the basketball world, namely 13 executives, 10 members of a front office, 6 scouts and 2 coaches, to designate the best owner. Here are the survey results.

(The Athletic)

It was Steve Ballmer, who took over the Clippers’ team in 2014 after the Sterling affair, which was overwhelmingly popular with voters, ahead of Micky Arison (Heat) and Mark Cuban (Mavericks). If all is not going as planned at the moment at the Clippers, they can at least boast of having an outstanding owner, whose merits are touted by connoisseurs.

He has given the Clippers all the resources they need. He lets the staff do their job.

A scout

I would say Ballmer is number 1. His enthusiasm, his ability to invest, what he did with the Clippers, moving to Los Angeles, creating their own identity and building their own building now, that ‘ is not good for the competition.

Another scout

Steve Ballmer is the best because it’s, “Hey Steve, we need this! “Ok, boom. “

An agent

The Clippers will certainly appreciate their owner having a good reputation in the industry, especially considering that former Donald Sterling, came out the back door after racist remarks. At least that’s good news.