July 24, 2021

They made the headlines: Marc Rosset: “We had a good time in this restaurant”


The first French-speaking personality to make the front page of our newspaper, Marc Rosset looks back on the past fifteen years, which have been rich in encounters and experiences for him.

In 2021, 20 minutes turns 15
For the occasion, and throughout the year, we are returning to meet those who have made the front page of the newspaper since March 8, 2006. First personality to lend themselves to the game: Marc Rosset, the champion of tennis that we no longer present.

“You could at least have written restaurant in full.” When he discovers the front page of the newspaper of this famous March day, Marc Rosset easily remembers the five years he was at the head of this place which he describes as an “extraordinary human adventure”. The tennis champion tells us how he has spent the past 15 years following his instincts and his desires.

This is what the second issue of 20 minutes, born March 8, 2006.

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On March 9, 2006, you made the front page of 20 minutes for opening a restaurant in Geneva. Do you remember this page?
Absolutely not. But if we read your article, you assume that Ernesto Bertarelli was also in the game. Which was not the case.

How long did it last?
About five years. It was an extraordinary human adventure. We had a great time.

What have you been through in fifteen years?
I became sporting director of the Gonet Geneva Open ATP 250 and consultant to the RTS. This work, I owe it to Pierre-Alain Dupuis (editor’s note: sports journalist), who put my foot in the stirrup. Thanks to him, I’m having fun in this job. When he retired a few weeks ago, I took to the air to tell him how much I loved and thanked him. I’ve never been so stressed: talking tennis is a piece of cake. But talking about feelings is a bit more complicated.

If you had to choose one day from the last fifteen years, which would it be?
On November 23, 2014, when Switzerland won the Davis Cup in Lille (F). Another very sad day marked me during these fifteen years: that of the death of a very close friend. He is always present in me.

If you could spend twenty minutes with someone of your choice, who would have this privilege?
Vladimir Poutine. I would even dream of having dinner with him. I would like to get an idea of ​​the character. I don’t care about politics: I rather want to understand its psychological facets, to know the human behind it all. And I do not understand this ambient “russophobia”. For my part, I love this country. I often go there to watch hockey games and I feel good there.

If I had to choose a sportsman, it would be Michael Jordan, I’m an absolute fan. In front of him, I would find my childhood emotions in front of his idol.

And if you had to spend fifteen years with someone, who would you choose?
Nobody. I don’t think anyone could surprise me and feed me daily for so many years. I’m too thirsty to discover new personalities. Human relations fascinate me to the point that it is impossible for me to choose one.

And Roger Federer, are you a fan?
I knew him when he was 14. I watched him grow up and he became my friend. I see his exceptional career differently, obviously. All I care about is whether he’s happy.

How do you live these times troubled by the health crisis?
I experienced the first semi-confinement rather well, without forgetting the fact, of course, that the situation was dramatic. Now, and even though it’s nobody’s fault, it gets on my nerves. But I don’t have the right to complain personally. I think especially of all those people who are suffering, who are sick and those who face serious economic problems. I hope we will get out of it soon.

Don’t you want to give us a little gift for our 15th birthday?
A gift? OK… I can tell you that I will be making a comeback on the circuit for the Geneva tournament. But only if the physical follows! (to laugh)