July 24, 2021

Viktor Orbán’s paranoid response to George Soros

All-out war continues between Viktor Orbán and George Soros. We published on November 20, as well as several international media, a vitriolic column in which the second urged Europe to remain firm vis-à-vis Hungary (its native country) and Poland. These two countries have vetoed the European Union’s (EU) multiannual budget proposal as well as the European recovery fund.

According to the famous American billionaire, if Viktor Orbán and Jarosław Kaczyński refuse to comply with the rule of law, it is because the latter limits “Their personal and political corruption maneuvers”. In his column, the billionaire accuses in particular the Hungarian Prime Minister, whom he helped to get into politics at the end of the 1980s, of having enriched his friends and himself on the backs of the Hungarians.

TRIBUNE. George Soros: “Europe must stand up to Hungary and Poland”

In a text entitled “Europe cannot pledge allegiance to the Soros network”, which the Hungarian embassy transmitted to us, Viktor Orbán responds to the article by George Soros. The Hungarian Prime Minister accuses him of being a “Economic delinquent” seeking to control the European Union through a “Network which permeates the European bureaucracy and political elites on all sides”. Old anti-Semitic clichés jostle in this prose.

Victor Orbán extols the role of nations and places heavy emphasis on their Christian roots. “It is Christian freedom that has ensured freedom of thought and culture and has created beneficial competition between the nations of Europe. The virtuous mixture of differences has made Europe, for centuries, the driving force of the world ” he wrote thus.

To follow him, “Powerful forces are once again at work to wipe out European nations and unify the continent under the aegis of a global empire”. The “Soros network […] has been working for years to make Europe a continent of immigration ” and to “Promote the elimination of national frameworks”. The objective being to create a company “Multicultural and ethnically mixed” who would be “In the hands of the globalized elites”.

Soros, continue-t-il, “Pits the peoples of Europe against each other” by using means “Multiple and active on the most varied scenes of public life”: “The list is long of political leaders, journalists, judges, bureaucrats, political propagandists disguised as representatives of civil society who appear on the payslips established by George Soros.” The billionaire is presented as “The most corrupt man on earth”, who “Pays and buys as many as he can” and denigrates others “Through the leftist press”.

Viktor Orban is waging an ideological war in Europe

The paranoid vision of the Hungarian Prime Minister does not end there. To read it, “Many high-level bureaucrats in the Union are acting in concert with George Soros’ network towards the creation of a unified empire”. The goal of “Their proposal called the rule of law” would be to impose “A unique way of thinking, a unique culture, a unique social model”. and so on, ad nauseam … Enough to compete with the charges of the ideologues of Qanon, who, too, have taken Soros as their number one target.

Viktor avant Orbán

Victor Orbán sums up the match that has pitted him against George Soros for decades: “For him, democracy can only be liberal, for us it can also be Christian. For him, freedom can only serve the individual affirmation, for us freedom can also consist in following the teaching of Christ, it can also be put at the service of the fatherland and the protection of our family ”. Let us summarize: on the one hand, a mixed and individualistic society controlled by powerful and occult forces; on the other, the Christ-Family-Fatherland triptych… All of this brings us back to very old and sad memories.