July 26, 2021

10 things to know Monday

Point 1: Take a look at the Model M, the electric motorcycle that Tesla will produce… in your dreams!

The Tesla Model M makes Boeing bionic employees dream of conquering space thanks to beer residues and other news to read on Monday, February 4.

1- Take a look at the Model M, the electric motorcycle that Tesla will produce… in your dreams. Californian industrial designer James Gawley began to imagine what a Tesla motorcycle could look like, based on the design elements used by the Californian manufacturer on its vehicles currently on the market. “The Model M takes the classy and elegant design of the Model S and presents itself in the general appearance of a motorcycle in both standard and sport-touring style,” says James Gawley, on the site Automobile-Propre.

model m

model m

model m

2- Boeing is ramping up the production rate of its Dreamliners with bionic employees. The American aircraft manufacturer has decided to equip the workers assembling its planes with exoskeletons making them stronger and faster, in order to accelerate their production rate. Thanks to this new equipment, it will be possible to reduce the production time of an aircraft in the Dreamliner range from 14 to 12 months, assures Boeing. “We will have both the skills of a robot and the skills of a human,” Christopher Reid, who oversees technology for Boeing, told Reuters.


3- Édouard-Montpetit school is launching an electronic sports program in high school. The school in the east of Montreal will offer a group of 10 to 15 students to spend the morning at the regular school, then send them to the Montreal Electronic Sports Academy, on the Plateau Mont-Royal, in with a view to learning to master the discipline of “e-sport” from professionals in the field. The program combines 30 minutes of physical activity, 75 minutes of theory, two hours of video games and 15 minutes of break, and will prepare graduates for a career in this increasingly popular field of electronics. Notice to parents: the school is asking $ 2,500 per student to take this training, says the CBC.

4- If one day we can live in space, it will be thanks to… beer. At least, if we trust the work of researchers at the University of Colorado at Boulder, who succeeded in creating a nearly transparent insulating gel from residues from beer production that would be efficient enough to protect against space cold. “Transparency is the key element, since it could be used to create windows on alien shelters,” assures Ivan Smalyukh, professor of physics at Boulder.

5- The number of the day: 30 years (the performance of the S & P500 in January is the best since at least 1989). After a severe correction at the end of last year, the popular index’s 7.9% rebound in January was a hit with investors, even surpassing the 7.1% taken in January 1989, Bloomberg said.


6- It seems increasingly certain that the future of food lies in synthetic meat. There is a risk of having fun debates about food appropriation, as the financial and technological sectors increasingly pinch for alternative proteins from non-animal sources. In recent times, billionaires the caliber of Bill Gates and Li Ka-shing, Hong Kong’s richest man, have gambled several million dollars on the emergence of laboratory-produced synthetic foods, replacing the meat or dairy products, finds the Financial Post.

7- Chile has just taken a major step to reduce the cost of electric vehicles. The small South American country has come to an agreement with the local mining industry to create factories for the production of lithium ion batteries directly on its territory, which could significantly lower the cost of this component which is responsible for it. only from the high price of electric vehicles. Until now, Chile, the second largest lithium producer in the world, exported its production to China or Korea, says Bloomberg.

8- Amazon’s forecast scares investors. Amazon has lowered its forecast for the first quarter of 2019, anticipating sluggish online sales. It did not fail to cause a drop of 5% of its value on the stock market at the end of last week. The e-commerce giant is coming out of a very profitable holiday quarter, but only forecasts a 10 to 18% increase in sales during the winter, due to a more difficult context in the United States and in Asia, summarizes the BBC.

9- To keep you in shape, Uber is launching a series of exercise videos to do… in its vehicles. The series of capsules was produced in partnership with Adidas, and presents six gestures to be repeated regularly as our driver takes us to our destination. The goal of this new measure is to help Uber users “maximize the time spent on the road and make sure those minutes are well spent,” says ABC News.


10- This video of Jennifer Lawrence with Steve Buscemi’s face says a lot about the power of infox. We don’t really know if we should laugh or cry at this video. One thing is sure, the intelligent permutation of faces, or “deepfake”, is constantly being refined.

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