July 29, 2021

Gabe Newell discusses (briefly) the return of Valve games on consoles

Gabe Newell has spoken, so it’s time to restart the mad speculation machine: during a question-and-answer session after a lecture given at a high school in New Zealand, the president of Valve – the corporation behind the Steam digital sales platform and licenses such as Half-Life and Counter-Strike – suggested that this year 2021 to be that of a return to living room consoles

But we would let the readers judge the words of the one who loves more than anything to maintain the mystery; sometimes well in spite of himself.


Newell at ease in the land of sheep

Newell seems to be living in good spirits in New Zealand. While his trip to the archipelago was only to be a simple holiday detour, the man and his entourage found themselves stuck in the territory after the start of the health crisis linked to the COVID-19 epidemic.

But the boss of Valve seems delighted with this turn and continues to compliment the country, separating it from an ocean of the premises of Valve – which he could even plan to relocate, if we are to believe his ambitions entrusted during an interview from last January.

Perhaps intoxicated by the oceanic climate, Newell may have unveiled a big change in Valve’s strategy. It all started with a question (seemingly innocent) from a student: “Will Steam release console games, or remain PC exclusive? ? ”, To which the president of Valve responds, not without some hesitation:“You’ll get a better idea of ​​this by the end of the year“. The exchange is available on YouTube.

2021, the year of all possibilities?

Obviously, the error will be quickly noticed by the most informed readers: Steam is only Valve’s digital store and does not publish any game.

There is no doubt that this question was actually about Valve’s edition catalog which has many cult licenses, ranging from Portal at Team Fortress. If the publisher has been quite discreet in recent years, the release ofHalf-Life: Alyx nonetheless brought the Black Mesa universe back to the forefront. From there to seeing a console port? Nothing is less certain at the moment.

The last time we saw a Valve game released on console was in 2012 and the release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Regarding the relationship between Gabe Newell and the new generation of console, the ex-developer admitted to having more affection for Microsoft’s Xbox Series X compared to Sony’s PlayStation 5… From there to see Valve’s approaching with the American manufacturer, there is only one step which only the greatest amateurs of rumor of all kinds will be able to be able to cross.