July 31, 2021

Laurene Powell Jobs talks about her husband in an interview

Already 9 years that the emblematic figure of Apple has left us … 9 years that Steve Jobs is no longer, leaving several responsibilities to his wife, Laurene Powell Jobs.

The latter, very discreet about her private life, very rarely responds to requests for interviews. Only, last Friday, the widow still exchanged with journalists from the New York Times, the opportunity to discuss her projects, her current vision of the United States, but also to talk about her husband.

laurene powell jobs

The New York Times publishes an interview with Laurene Powell Jobs

I inherited my wealth from my husband, who didn’t care about accumulating money. I do this in honor of his work and I dedicate my life to doing my best to sustainably inform people and communities.

She is the thirty-fifth fortune in the world and yet seems disinterested in all that money, preferring to create the Emerson Collective, a school focused on education, immigration reform, the environment, media and journalism and health. .

When he says we have to leave the world better than we found it, I share and I continue too. We must not accept the world we were born into as something fixed and impermeable.

Thus, she describes a “wonderful connection that has positively influenced us both”, expressing the fact that they both had the same philosophy of life and wishing to continue to honor her in this way.

The latter will invest money in its foundation, and more particularly in journalism to save American democracy from certain death if new journalists do not show up.

In addition, she wants to continue to offer her money to charities going so far as to talk about giving all her fortune …