July 25, 2021

Your May 1st weekend on Winamax

Labor Day or not, our tables remain open this Saturday before a very cinematic apotheosis Sunday.

Finally, some good news: if all goes well (all fingers crossed, even those of the feet) the cinemas will reopen on May 19. In the meantime, why not warm up to a trilogy worthy of Back to the future, The Godfather or Camping ? We are talking about the Trilogy Winamax, who returns on Sunday with a triplet of 6-max KO events offering at least two million euros combined. The Day 1 will be showing every day until Wednesday, May 12: the heroes who were not killed at the end of the first film will be in the cast of Day 2 the same evening, before the conclusion of the trilogy on next day.

Sunday Surprise

The Sunday Surprise of the week? An ode to laziness. A poem to the glory of laziness! Yes, the most surprising of Winamax tournaments cleverly combines two of the favorite pastimes of wankers of all stripes (of which, let’s be honest, we are a part): napping and watching TV. A sack equipped with an integrated screen: we confess, we did not believe it was possible before our marketing colleagues presented us with the gift of the week. But it is nevertheless true. Our faith in humanity (and idleness) is therefore restored. Phew! Zzzzzzz….


Let no one move, it’s a Hold-Up ! No really, don’t move cash game tables anymore GO FAST, on which do not cease to fall since the beginning of the weeks of the hard-hitting and stumbling bonuses. Because yes, heist, that’s it: a tempting bonus ranging from 5 to 500 blinds that can be added to your next hand at any time. And this without having to do anything! Finally, apart from putting your foot on the accelerator once the loot is within reach to bring it home as quickly as possible. Be careful though before trying to break the bank: the hood is not provided.

Winamax Stream Gang Romain Lewis

It is not because Ligue 1 seizes Winamax TV Sunday evening (for an appetizing Monaco-Lyon, let’s face it) that poker is retreating on our schedule. Quite the contrary. From this Friday evening, you will find the little prodigy Romain Lewis for a new session Stream Gang solo, followed 24 hours later by the saucy Angelus. Sunday night, we’ll have to turn to our Twitch channel for a new MTT party full of action, before coming back to Wina TV the next day for the usual combo. Multiplex Poker / Top of the Pok, with Guillaume Diaz and PonceP as the ultimate shock duo. Doesn’t it make you want to?

Check-Up Winamax Live Sessions

Do you remember the Winamax Live Sessions ? But if you know, these cash games high stakes frenzied between pros, amateurs and unsung regs tours of the plush setting of the Cercle Clichy-Montmartre. In three seasons, the show has offered us many legendary shots, between improbable bluffs and hero calls madness. Precisely, the hand that came out from behind the bundles to this last number dated Check-Up fits right into these two categories. On the one hand, the representative of Club Poker Damien, not come to the big table to be intimidated; on the other, Pierre, a regular in circles who is not afraid to play big. As a referee, Pierre Calamusa, at the table during this hand to hand Dantesque, who analyzes it cold here. So: huge spew or stroke of genius? The answer is in our article!

Top 5 Specialists

Let’s forget for a moment the omnipotent No-Limit Hold’em and take a look at the monomaniacs of poker, those enthusiasts who have dedicated their lives to mastering a single niche format. From Billy Baxter, who has been collecting Lowball titles for 40 years, to Andy Beal, billionaire who only plays in Limit Hold’em in heads-up, to Loren Klein, king of tournament PLO: here is our Top 5 of the finest specimens from specialists.

ITW Zumbacafew09

Only 18 months after discovering the Winamax tables, Jérémy alias “Zumbacafew09” made a name for himself by winning the Winamax Series Million Event. Interview with a beginner who is already a winner.


If you follow the news online and spend your evenings on our Twitch channel, you inevitably know their faces and their nicknames. They were the sheriffs, winners hands down from KING5 after a relentless performance in the final against the team led by a certain Guillaume Diaz. Luxusreisen, Rosalie “FallGirl” Petit, IllicoBusto, Chevre.Honey and Cap Haddock : These French online poker stars will therefore soon sit in a freeroll at the table of the most beautiful tournament in the world, the WSOP Main Event. For four-fifths of them, this will be their very first pilgrimage to Las Vegas! While waiting for this baptism of fire, take a look at our recap of the last evening of our team championship.

Main Event 500K

Thursday evening ended the second biggest Main Event in the history of Winamax (behind the unbeatable one million euros edition), with more than € 800,000 distributed. Such a sum that could only generate an XXL winner, who recovered by himself more than 10%. At the end of a final with twists and a beating heads-up, _Wallah_ got the first prize of € 47,780, plus – hold on tight – € 32,230 in bounties. A very high level performance, dissected in our dedicated article, with replay in support.

Blog Aladdin

We are not all equal when it comes to risk. Our natural temperament, our education or even our past experiences are all factors that more or less consciously influence our ability to want to get out of our comfort zone. Starting from the – admittedly extreme – example of the successful entrepreneur Oussama Ammar, Aladin Reskallah gives you in his blog published this week the keys to fully marry Love of risk.

Volatile above a shark’s nest

Week of European Cups obliges (and it will be the same thing in the days to come), only the volatile friend38 had the honors of Top of the Pok last Monday, for a session cut in half but twice as interesting as usual (if, if). If you prefer amateur poker, head to the Multiplex Poker replay to admire Veunstyle in full Hold-Up at the GO FAST tables,. And if you’re craving bad beats, the Top 5 should fill you up as usual.

Good luck to everyone at the tables and have a good weekend on Winamax!

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