July 24, 2021

10 things to know Wednesday

Point 1: this $ 70M diamond is too big to sell! (Photo: Sotheby’s)

Happy Wednesday July 19! Here are 10 pieces of information that deserve your attention this morning.

1- This Canadian diamond is simply too big to sell. The Lucara Diamond company in Toronto is grappling with a strange problem: despite an auction at Sotheby’s, it has not found a buyer for its 1,109 carat rough diamond. The reason? He’s just too big. Called “Lesedi La Rona,” or “Our Light,” this diamond is only the second ever discovered to be over 1,000 carats, bringing its value to over $ 70 million, according to Lucara. The only problem: during the auction, the highest sum offered stood at 61 million. The solution? It will probably have to be broken up, and sold in pieces. “In its raw format, this precious stone has great potential. But once cut, it will be confined to a single role, ”and will certainly lose its value, laments William Lamb, general manager of Lucara Diamond, on Fortune. “When is a diamond too big? I think we just found out. ”

2- The fastest car in Formula E won’t drive in Montreal. In fact, it didn’t drive in New York either, since it is the prototype of a racing car of the future, without a driver, and in fact, without any cockpit, so that we do not could not even accommodate a passenger. The car is called the Robocar, and is the design of the Roborace company, which exhibits this vehicle where the Formula E facilities sit for a weekend. She will therefore be in Montreal in ten days. Using 15 ultrasonic sensors, six cameras, an ultra-precise GPS system (like those used by the US Navy) and cutting-edge artificial intelligence, this racing car is more like a drone or a jet than a car. The manufacturer ensures that its autonomy is quadrupled, since the space normally dedicated to a human is replaced by batteries. But don’t say it’s an autonomous car! “It’s not an unmanned car, it’s an AI driven car,” Denis Sverdlov, Robocar CEO, told Vice. According to him, the driverless cars of tomorrow will be driven by AIs so sophisticated that they will each have their own unique personality. Can’t wait to see it!


3- This future major sportswear brand will make you forget Nike and Under Armor. In any case, this is what Rob Canales, CEO of ROKA, which manufactures jerseys, glasses and technical clothing for cutting-edge sportsmen, is hoping for, that the most successful triathletes are snapping up. The perfect formula to become the next multinational in sports accessories, explains Inc, who recalls that Nike and Under Armor, in fact, have been successful in adopting this method. “Nike designed a new sole for advanced runners in Oregon. Under Armor has created a new kind of combination for playing football. Even Oakley started out selling high quality BMX grips. ” So how does the new hour mark stand out? “We pay attention to detail. We believe that every athlete is unique. We are not selling a convenience product, everything we do is aimed at improving performance, ”says the CEO of ROKA.


4- Now it’s Apple Canada’s turn to buy back your old personal computer. Your old machine could be worth as much as $ 2,000. A service similar to that previously launched by Microsoft will finally allow potential buyers of a new Mac to exchange their old Mac or PC by mail. You just have to fill out an online form to establish an estimated value of the device, then send it to Apple, who will complete its analysis, before paying the sum into a PayPal account, or offering a card- Mastercard gift or for its Apple Store. This is the particularity of this offer: unlike Microsoft, Apple does not force people to spend this amount in its stores (online or in stores). So your old MacBook Air could fetch you $ 600, your old MacBook Pro, $ 2,000, and your old PC, $ 840, reports Mobile Syrup. Obviously, to hope to receive such a sum, the device must still be in good condition …

5- It’s official: Amazon is launching into ready-to-cook meals. The rumor that thrills investors who have bet on companies like Blue Apron, in the United States, or Marché Goodfood, here, is confirmed. For the $ 15 per month required for the Amazon Fresh service, it will be possible to order small boxes containing everything you need to make precise recipes. Amazon applied for a patent for “ready-made food kits” made up of various ingredients in early July, but as Retail Leader found, it wasn’t until this week that the online giant confirmed that it has started shipping these boxes to customers residing in certain major cities in the United States.


6- Like yesterday, the US stock markets are looking for a direction. Corporate results continue to dominate the scene. On the one hand, investors are digesting IBM’s (still) disappointing results and, on the other, the better-than-expected performance of investment bank Morgan Stanley. In our complete market review, we tell you about TFI International(TransForce), Known, from Loblaw and you Canadian Pacific.

7- If Microsoft ultimately intends to launch a new phone, it may have just unveiled it despite itself. A commercial on Twitter earlier this week promoting new training for programmers put Microsoft in a funny situation. In the image accompanying the tweet, someone is seen holding a device halfway between a tablet and a phone that is unlike any product currently on the market. Its slightly curved display is frameless, and appears to slide to reveal what could be a full alphanumeric keyboard. It did not take more to start the rumor machine, which suggests that this may be an image of a possible Surface phone, signed Microsoft. But as The Next Web points out, maybe it’s just a generic picture, trying to catch the eye of software developers with something new. To be continued…

8- Google Glass is back. In business this time. And already, Google has carried out tests in partnership with some fifty large companies, including General Electric, Volkswagen and Boeing. The mechanics of Glass Entreprise Edition are revamped to be more durable and less expensive, facilitating its deployment in large volumes. The small screen that fits in the upper right corner of the field of view can display non-intrusive information to workers, such as video tutorials, checklists, etc. In some cases, the Glass would have reduced the assembly time of certain products by 25%, assures Jay Kothari, project director at Google, in a post on Medium. DHL couriers can scan the barcode of packages and find out what to do with those packages faster. Doctors can see an application take notes automatically during their conversation with a patient. In short, an interesting second life for this gadget which has never really enjoyed commercial success. It remains to be seen whether the device, which, let’s face it, is not very elegant, will be more successful in this new, more professional role.


9- The solution to the high cost of electric vehicles? Sell ​​them without the battery. This can then be bought at a lower cost in service stations offering the exchange of batteries for these same vehicles. By doing so, it would be possible to reduce the cost of electric drive to a level comparable to that of diesel or natural gas, its Indian truck maker Ashok Leyland. It is the second largest manufacturer in India. In partnership with SUN Mobility, a company that has developed such an interchangeable battery, the manufacturer plans to market low-cost electric buses for local transit. No idea what the exact runtime of the system is, but once the battery is dead, just visit a service center to swap it out for a full battery, Quartz says. The depleted battery is then charged using renewable energy sources. If the system works well, it can be extended to delivery trucks and even long distance delivery trucks. A solution to be explored for Couche-Tard?

10- Airplane safety is important. And sometimes it’s funny. British Airways has gone to great lengths to draw the attention of its passengers to the video explaining the safety measures on board its planes. In addition to the range of personalities present in the video, we recognize the typically tongue-in-cheek humor of the proud Albion. To see, and ideally, to memorize before going on an outer-sea vacation …

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