July 29, 2021

batteries at 2 million km at CATL

The Chinese company Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited (CATL) has unveiled an electric car battery capable of lasting 16 years and a distance of 2 million kilometers.

If the batteries offering more than 1,000 km of autonomy or recharging in 5 minutes have not yet arrived, the revolution continues in the field of cells. Bloomberg relayed significant new advancement at Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited, known as CATL.

Batteries ready for production

One of the main Asian players in the sector with LG Chem and SK Innovation, the Chinese company promises an advanced battery. In reality, it is still based on lithium-ion technology, but its chemistry would be different, without CATL not detailing it.

According to President Zeng Yuqun, this battery would last 16 years or 2 million kilometers. This is twice as much as the current warranties, limited to 8 years on average, and 1 million km maximum at Lexus. On the other hand, the price of these batteries would be 10% higher than the current ones. Conversely, the endurance of the batteries would prevent replacement during the life of the vehicle, or even generalized use in a second life (other vehicle, electricity storage).

To see them in your next electric car, however, you will have to wait. The leader of CATL has not entered into any partnership for its novelty, but ensures “Be ready to produce if someone orders”. For now, CATL supplies – among others – Volkswagen, Honda, PSA or BMW and recently announced a development with Toyota. Tesla is therefore not involved in this announcement. According to a Reuters press release published last May, the American brand was linked for its 1.6 million km batteries, which are cheaper to produce. In this endurance race, GM also presented its Ultium batteries, announcing a lifespan of over one million kilometers.