July 28, 2021

NHL owners don’t oppose Quebec bid

However, several steps must be taken before the Nordiques return. Among other things, an expansion announcement as well as a formal owners vote is needed to make the return of an NHL team to Quebec possible.

This news comes a few hours after the chairman of the board of directors of Quebecor Brian Mulroney and his CEO Pierre Dion had used caution and optimism Tuesday when leaving the offices of the National Hockey League.

The two leaders made a final presentation to the NHL Executive Committee made up of ten team owners. They praised, among other things, the potential of the Quebec City market and the recent establishment of an amphitheater. The two leaders also wanted to reassure the NHL despite the weakness of the Canadian dollar against the US dollar.

“We are happy with our presentation,” said former Prime Minister Mulroney. “It’s now in the hands of the NHL. It is their process, their decision. “

The two leaders of the Quebec company wanted to show tact, knowing the sensitivity of the NHL with regard to the confidentiality of the process surrounding the expansion of the circuit. “We are patient, discreet. We are waiting, ”said Pierre Dion.

The Quebecor duo also took the opportunity to present to the NHL some images of Monday’s game between the Penguins and the Canadian in the new amphitheater in Quebec. “We could see the enthusiasm of the crowd,” said Brian Mulroney.

The composition of the NHL Executive Committee was as follows: Murray Edwards (Calgary), Jeremy Jacobs (Boston), Peter Karmanos (Carolina), Craig Leipold (Minnesota), Ted Leonsis (Washington), Henry Samueli (Anaheim), Ed Snider (Philadelphia), Larry Tanenbaum (Toronto), Jeff Vinik (Tampa Bay) and Bill Wirtz (Chicago).

The promoters of the return of the Nordiques to Quebec have successfully passed the first three stages making them eligible to receive a new team. The final decision on a possible NHL expansion will be made in December.

The commissioner of the NHL, Gary Bettman, should take stock Tuesday afternoon on the expansion project of his league which includes the city of Las Vegas outside Quebec.

Earlier in September, Commissioner Gary Bettman reiterated that the expansion process has no set timeline.

He had also suggested that the cost of obtaining an expansion concession could amount to US $ 500 million. This is a significant jump from the $ 80 million that the leaders of the Columbus Blue Jackets and Minnesota Wild had to pay when the circuit grew to 30 teams in 2000.

Quebecor executives are satisfied with their meeting