July 24, 2021

COVID-19 Brigade: Raise awareness, inform, refer

Since May 25, three brigades made up of prevention officers have been crisscrossing Laval neighborhoods and public places such as parks, shops and the surroundings of schools to raise awareness, inform and direct citizens to services and resources related to COVID-19.

These brigades have the mandate to make known and explain public health instructions, to provide information on screening and vaccination sites, as well as on community resources made available to the population. They also carry out observations in the field in order to collect the realities of people in the context of a pandemic.

More specifically, the 24 agents in the field disseminate information on the instructions (distancing, wearing a mask, washing hands, etc.) to be observed in busy places; publicize available community support resources (food aid, support for

population, activities of organizations, etc.); disseminate information on services (screening and vaccination clinics, local activities and points of service, etc.). They distribute masks, disinfectant and information sheets.

A total of 24 officers will form the brigades that will crisscross the territory. (Courtesy photo)

“A beautiful project”

The project started to take shape at the end of April, as evidenced by the first publications of the Laval Awareness Brigade Facebook page.

“A great project is fast approaching in Laval. [Les brigades] COVID-19, with its 24 awareness officers, will travel across the country to answer your questions or concerns, we posted on page 1is may. You don’t know where to go for a screening or find the closest immunization clinic to your home? We will be there to keep you informed. ”

Lydia, Samira and Imen go “on a mission” to the neighborhoods of Laval. (Photo courtesy)

The initiative was born under the coordination of the Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CISSS) of Laval, which provides funding, with the consortium

Covid-Quebec (Molson Foundation, Mirella and Lino Saputo Foundation, Trottier Family Foundation and the Jarislowsky Foundation, managed by the Foundation of Greater Montreal). A monitoring committee made up of community partners provides support.