August 4, 2021

everyone has their own TV channel on the Freebox, a very first mobile operator in France

It happened at Free and in telecoms: each has their own TV channel on the Freebox, a very first mobile operator in France

As every week, we offer you our column “It happened at Free and in Telecoms …” This one offers you to dive back into the events that have made the news of the current week, but over the years , the decades, even the preceding centuries. These events will concern Free of course, but more broadly telecoms and digital. Memories memories …

28 juin 2007: Free lance TV lost

Create your own television channel, this is the proposal made by Free with TV Perso on the Freebox HD. It was then enough to connect any camera to its Freebox, to film and broadcast private or public events simply via its box. Family, local, associative, cultural, sporting, educational events, etc. could thus be easily shared, between relatives, within communities of interest (local associations, sports, culture, education, etc.) or with all Eligible freelancers regardless of their version of Freebox. TV Perso was offered at no additional cost in the Freebox offer on channel 13.

June 29, 2010: Free launches the Freebox TVReplay

Free opened 10 years earlier the most comprehensive “catch-up TV” offer at the time. Here is… Freebox TVREPLAY! Ancestor of Freebox Replay, the service allowed access at the time to see or re-watch the programs of 33 channels within 7 days of their broadcast.

If the offer has grown since then and the name has changed, the principle still remains the same with a very complete offer.

At the time, you could access the replay of all these channels

July 1, 1992: birth of the first mobile operator in France

France Telecom launched the first mobile telephone operator 29 years ago. Itineris, which existed until June 2001, before disappearing within the Orange offers. In 1999, itinéris had more than 10 million customers.

July 1, 2013: France Telecom officially becomes Orange

The end of a transition which already dated back to 2001. After having renamed Itinéris, Ola and Mobicarte in Orange, then the Wanadoo or Ma ligne TV activities, the definitive change of name of the group which was called France Telecom – Orange was voted on by the operator’s general meeting in 2013, and effective July 1 of the same year.

July 1, 2014: Free Mobile lowers its roaming rates

Good news for globetrotters! On July 1, 2014, Xavier Niel’s operator announced a reduction in the price of communications (voice, SMS, MMS and data) sent or received from abroad and doms for all subscribers to its mobile plans. Reductions all below the ceilings put in place in the European Union, with reductions of up to 55% compared to the rates offered by Free previously. All in a large number of countries.