July 24, 2021


Originally from Manchester, Parisian for a long time and now based in Brussels, David Shaw is a jack-of-all-trades full of talent: DJ, Producer, Remixer, emeritus member of the DBFC group, occasional collaborator of artists such as Jennifer Cardini or Vitalic, he returns with his project DAVID SHAW AND THE BEAT and his EP Love Songs With A Kick vol.1 on his label Her Majesty’s Ship from which emanates an acid and corrosive romanticism and a dark and poisonous charm, combined with a hint of punk reminiscences.

Don’t miss the David Shaw And The Beat concert at the Boule Noire on Thursday March 12 from 7:30 p.m.

You left Paris for Brussels: personal choice or professional choice? What does being based in Brussels change for you & your music?

It’s a personal choice, I needed something else, I had been in France for 20 years and I could not see myself returning to England even though I have my family there. Friends in Brussels asked me to come, I said to myself why not?
I already knew the city well, I played there a lot. I had a residency at Café d’Anvers too, so it’s a great love story that I have had with Belgium for a long time!
Living in Brussels influences me in everything: on my life, music… that’s what I like, when your environment is rich on all levels! I am very happy in Brussels.

Has this new Ep been fed by your previous collaborations (DBFC, Jennifer Cardini etc ..)?

Yes of course, empiricism obliges!
All the experiences I have had with these projects are part of me and influence me in some way.
Afterwards, as I always say, I express above all what I want to express at the moment.

Among your emblematic titles, you published “Acid Sentiment”, this time you give us “Love Songs With A Kick”: is it a decidedly more club / dancefloor spirit?

My album So It Goes was released in 2012 (“Sentiment Acide” is one of the songs on this first disc): I have necessarily evolved since then. I like electronics as much as guitars, I use them more or less depending on my mood at the time. The sound can go either way, I’ve always juggled both.
There is no predefined rule or formula applied, it is very instinctive.

Where do you get your inspiration in general, and more specifically for this EP?

What “inspires” or rather fascinates me are human relationships.
Their complexity and simplicity at the same time. Simply.

Do you feel more like a producer, artist, musician or DJ? In which area do you feel most comfortable?

I love all aspects of creation, all the ways that allow me to express myself and share the music I love.
Generally speaking, I have always claimed to be more of a “handyman” than a musician or producer.
When I play records it’s rather a bonus, it’s not my primary activity even if I love it and I have done it a lot!
The studio and the stage for me are intrinsically linked, when I make a record, I necessarily want to play it on stage afterwards.

You publish your music on your own label Her Majesty’s Ship, what does such a structure bring you in your music and your career?

In fact we set up HSM with Charlotte Decroix who is the label’s mastermind.
Initially, it was to release my album So It Goes.
We continued as we met, we started signing other artists.
Obviously having your label, it allows you the freedom to do what you want, not to be subjected to the decisions of a DA who does not understand your project.
Freedom has a cost too: you work a lot on your own, you have to work hard, get your hands dirty, it can be discouraging for some sometimes!
What remains the ultimate “drive” is the passion to make music; the day when we no longer have it, something else will have to be done.
As for my career – my god! I don’t really think about a career in music, I am rather a good example of a “non-careerist” person.

What aspect of this EP are you most proud of: the composition? The production of titles?

I like the record for its more “direct” side and the fact that the songs arrived very simply, telling what I was going through. It’s as if I was actually speaking out loud, without looking at all costs for the melody that kills.
I did not take too much head on the production for example (in any case less than usual), to keep the photo a little longer in time with its good and bad sides.

Where does the cover design come from?

This is an old engraving of the Indian goddess Kali.
I liked the representation of the sacrifice, with this couple kissing on the ground, I liked it all.
I liked the resonance with the title, it’s my squeaky side that you want …

Collaborations or other projects to come?

I am moving forward on the Love Songs volume 2, which is well under way and we are also talking about new DBFC songs with Bertrand (Dombrance).

Love Songs With A Kick vol.1 (tracklist)
1. Please Please Please
2. Nuclear Bomb
3. My Tongue Your Spit
4. Skim The Cream, Pt. 1
5. No Shangri La
6. Skim The Cream, Pt. 2