July 24, 2021

Marco Chiesa: “I would not have called for disobedience, but we have the right to disagree” – rts.ch

The president of the Swiss SVP Marco Chiesa estimated Sunday on the 7:30 p.m. plateau that the Federal Council should not decide alone on measures to combat Covid-19. The Ticinese, however, distanced himself from the virulent attacks of his party colleagues against the government.

In recent weeks in Bern, some elected UDC officials have increased attacks against Alain Berset and the Federal Council. The Graubünden national councilor Magdalena Martullo Blocher thus compared the government in the NZZ to a dictatorship. His Zurich counterpart Roger Köppel called on him for civil disobedience by urging restaurant owners to reopen despite the bans decided by the Federal Council.

At 7:30 p.m., SVP President Marco Chiesa was more reserved than his party colleagues, while remaining critical of the Federal Council: “I would not have called for civil disobedience. But I think that ‘ we have an institutional problem. In a particular situation where Parliament cannot decide anything and where the cantons are not listened to, we must be able to resist and criticize by saying that we do not agree. “

“Democratic bodies must co-decide with the Federal Council”

Marco Chiesa also returned to the comparison made by his colleague Magdalena Martullo Blocher between the Federal Council and a dictatorship. “There are Swiss German representatives who used a rather harsh rhetoric. If we are talking about a dictatorship, it is a body which decides and which has no democratic limitation. In our case, it is we gave this possibility to the Federal Council. In an extraordinary situation, it is the law on epidemics which allows it, it is the Federal Council which must decide what is right and what must be undertaken to fight against a pandemic. “

“In a particular situation – and we have been in a particular situation since June – there would have to be democratic bodies that could co-decide with the Federal Council. That is why we tabled parliamentary acts that go in this direction, “added the Ticinese national adviser.

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Lack of support from the population

Marco Chiesa also believes that these measures no longer meet the support of the population, however essential to fight against the virus. “We will never overcome a pandemic if we do not have the collaboration of the population. We will not overcome a pandemic wave with a limitation that does not give future prospects with these closures that do not make sense, like the one for example terraces. “

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Ticino ultimately calls on the Federal Council to make concessions. “We cannot subordinate everything to the virus. I think the strategy must be clear. Barrier gestures, screening tests and vaccination are the main path that must be followed. But we also have the right to work and the right to meet, because the social and personal damage of confinement is incredibly great. “

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Regarding vaccines, Marco Chiesa does not give a precise indication, but concedes that it would be better to get vaccinated to be able to get out of the crisis. “I find it to be something quite personal. Personally, I will be vaccinated, because it is an individual responsibility that I assume. I can understand that part of the population is reluctant, but it We will have to do with it, we will have to find a solution to be able to get by. “

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Web text: Antoine Schaub