August 1, 2021

Pablo Isla elected CEO of the decade in Spain by Forbes, Corporate News

Thanks to his work at the head of the group, the market capitalization of Inditex is now flirting with 100 billion euros.

Pablo Isla elected CEO of the decade in Spain by Forbes

Pablo Isla elected CEO of the decade in Spain by Forbes | Photo credits: CarlosVentura1 / CC BY-SA 4.0

At 56, Pablo Isla, CEO of Inditex, Zara’s parent company, was elected by Forbes best CEO of a Spanish company for the past decade. The award will be presented at a ceremony to be held in Madrid on February 20. The American magazine points out that his work at the head of the giant of the fast fashion, founded by Amancio Ortega, has made it possible to increase the value of the company by seven, while exporting its collections to five continents, adapting brands to new uses (Internet) and taking into account the dimension of sustainable development and the environment . The group has indeed promised to eliminate all toxic ingredients from the supply chain by 2020.

With Pablo Isla at the helm, Inditex has become the first Spanish company in terms of market capitalization, with some 98 billion euros, and has managed to triple in size. The Inditex network, all brands combined (there are eight), had 7,486 stores at the end of September 2019, spread across 96 countries, compared to 4,607 stores in 46 countries at the end of 2009. ” The most important thing in a business is the people. They are the best asset she has; they are the key to what she was and what she can become “Said Pablo Isla in an interview with Forbes, where he also pointed out that” maximum creativity and product quality, integration of new technological advances and sustainability are key elements of the strategy ” of the group.

It is not the first prize that man receives. Already, in 2018, he was named, for the second consecutive year, best businessman of the year by Harvard Business Review. « You will see me all my life at Inditex ”, he launched in 2009, four years after joining Inditex. In 2005, Amancio Ortega was looking for a new Managing Director and, with the help of headhunters from Korn Ferry, he met Pablo Isla, who was then co-chairman of Altadis and its logistics subsidiary.