July 24, 2021

Slack: 26 keyboard shortcuts to improve your productivity

All the shortcuts you need to know about Slack to navigate your messaging system faster and improve your efficiency.

Salck includes many keyboard shortcuts to make it easier for you to use on a daily basis. Credits: Unsplash / Pankaj Patel.

An instant and collaborative messaging platform, Slack facilitates teamwork, through the use of public or private channels. To simplify your navigation on the platform, discover a series of very useful keyboard shortcuts to improve your productivity.

Note that the shortcuts mentioned below can be used on Windows and Linux. To reproduce them on a Mac, just replace Ctrl with the Apple key and press Option instead of Alt.

For faster navigation

This series of simple keyboard shortcuts helps you navigate faster between your different direct message and chat feeds in Slack:

  • Open the direct messages menu : Ctrl + Maj + K
  • Browse all the public channels in a workspace : Ctrl + Maj + L
  • View discussion threads : Ctrl + Maj + T
  • Viewing an unread channel or direct message : Alt + Shift + ↑ (previous); Alt + Shift + ↓ (next)
  • Search a channel or active conversation : Ctrl + F
  • Enable or disable full screen : Ctrl + Maj + F
  • Set a status on your profile : Ctrl + Maj + Y

Other keyboard shortcuts allow you to launch the right pane of the Slack platform with three keys and display different types of information:

  • To view the activity of a channel : Ctrl + Maj + M
  • To display the directory of members registered in a workspace : Ctrl + Maj + E
  • To access the favorites list : Ctrl + Maj + S

To change workspace

If you manage several projects simultaneously with dedicated teams, keyboard shortcuts are available to quickly switch from one to the other, without missing any unread message:

  • Go back to the previous workspace : Ctrl + Maj + Tab
  • Go to the next workspace :  Ctrl + Tab
  • Access a specific workspace (with an assigned number): Ctrl + [numéro]

To view or mark messages as read or unread

If you’ve viewed messages you received on Slack and want to re-unread them to come back to later, or skip them all, to reduce your notifications, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • To view all unread messages : Ctrl + Maj + A
  • To mark a message as unread : Alt + Click
  • To mark all messages from an active channel or all direct messages received as read : Esc
  • To mark all messages as read : Shift + Esc

To edit a message and add a style

Shortcuts also allow you to create a message by adding a style (bold, italic, strikethrough), or make it appear as a code, directly from your keyboard:

  • To edit the last message on the active channel : Ctrl + ↑
  • To display bold text in a message : Ctrl + B
  • To display italicized text in a message : Ctrl + I
  • To strike out selected text in a message : Ctrl + Maj + X
  • To display text as code :  Ctrl + Maj + C
  • To convert selected text to a bulleted list : Ctrl + Maj + 8

Slack shortcuts during an audio or video call

There are other handy keyboard shortcuts to improve the use of Slack during an audio or video call:

  • To turn the sound on or off : M
  • To turn video on or off : V
  • To view the guest list : + or A

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