July 24, 2021

With Kinder Happy Hippo, Ferrero continues to launch biscuits in France

At least one launch per year for Ferrero: it is for the moment at this rate that the Italian group has decided to deploy in France on the biscuit market. After the arrival of Kinder Cards cakes at the beginning of last March, Ferrero France has indeed decided to launch its Kinder Happy Hippo in France. This new hippopotamus-shaped cookie will hit the shelves of French supermarkets next spring. It will be sold in packs of five individually wrapped cakes at a suggested price of 1.79 euros.

If you traveled before the Covid-19 pandemic, you may have already crossed paths with the Kinder Happy Hippo: composed of a milk heart, the cookie is coated with a wafer in the shape of a hippo, decorated with chocolate chips. Two versions will be marketed in France: hazelnut or cocoa flavor. You can also find Kinder Happy Hippo in France, but for the moment only in stores like Action or Normal which list items not necessarily from French stocks, but from Europe or elsewhere.

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Success for the launch of Nutella B-ready, Nutella Biscuits and Kinder Cards

Next spring, the Kinder Happy Hippo will therefore flood the shelves of supermarkets. In general, for the launch of a new product, Ferrero, owner of the Kinder brand, does not skimp on resources and in particular on advertising and promotions in supermarkets. And the group is more confident than ever after the successful launch of Kinder Cards cookies last March. “Kinder Cards is the start of a very ambitious new adventure for the Kinder brand”, already assured Loïc Lallier, marketing director of Kinder France at the time.

Ferrero’s ambitions on the biscuit market in France, which represented 2.2 billion euros in 2019, therefore cannot be denied. After the takeover in 2016 of Delacre (Delichoc, Tea Time …), the Italian group launched the Nutella B-ready biscuits in 2016. These had brought in 53 million euros in turnover in their first year of operation. marketing. In the spring of 2019, Ferrero had done it again with the arrival in France of Nutella Biscuits, one of the best-selling innovations in consumer products that year.

The arrival in early 2021 of Kinder CereAlé

But Kinder Happy Hippo are not the first product launched by Ferrero in France in 2021. At the beginning of January, the Italian group announced the arrival of Kinder CereAlé, a new cereal cookie. Already present in Italy, these cakes are composed of seven cereals and sold in six sachets of two cookies. Two variations are available: one with hazelnuts, and another with dark chocolate.

The new Kinder CereAlé cookies for breakfast. Ferrero France

Ferrero and its emblematic brand Kinder, more used to cakes for snacking, have therefore decided to position themselves for the first time on products for breakfast. These new products will compete directly with Belvita biscuits in particular, sold under the Lu brand owned by Mondelez International, a direct competitor of Ferrero.

If you want to taste it, you will have to choose your supermarket or be patient: according to the blog “I work in large-scale distribution”, Kinder CereAlé cookies are currently only available at Auchan and Géant Casino, before a national deployment. In the coming months.

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