July 26, 2021

The 8 most discreet designers in the fashion world

In the age of social media, it’s getting harder and harder to find someone who keeps a low profile, especially when you’re interested in some of the biggest names in fashion. With celebrity nominations and industry announcements, fashion designers have at times become more famous than the brands they work for, especially those with loyal and cult followers like Virgil Abloh and Kim Jones.

While it may come as a shock to some, the names behind several of fashion’s most famous brands are relatively understated. Whether it’s refusing face-to-face interviews or hiding their appearance, these creators have chosen to shield themselves from the spotlight. Focus on these most secret designers of fashion. .

Martin Margiela

Member of the group of the Six of Antwerp – the avant-garde Belgian fashion collective – Martin Margiela was notoriously low-key at the helm of his eponymous house, despite his defining influence on fashion. While Margiela took off at the end of the 1980s, the designer refused to give interviews, to be photographed and to mingle with the fashion press.

Rather than explaining his complex creations, Margiela let his podium do the talking. Behind deconstructed sets and in disused warehouses, the Belgian paraded clothes without a press release or explanation. Despite its avant-garde approach, Margiela single-handedly changed the course of fashion through innovative manufacturing and experimental silhouettes.

Rei Kawakubo

The Creative Director of Like boys managed to maintain an unparalleled sense of secrecy throughout his decade-long career. Became famous in the mid-1990s, Rei Kawakubo captivated audiences with her avant-garde exploration of the female form.

Although the designer occasionally grants interviews, these are rare and often very brief. Responses from Kawakubo inquiries are also mysterious. We think in particular of this time when she answered a question by drawing a circle with a black pen. Or when the designer answered the question “What are you laughing about ?” through “You“.

Pierre Do

This very fashionable New York designer has made a name for himself despite his choice not to show off. Known for his minimal and utilitarian feminine clothing, Peter Do has taken a unique approach not only to his image, but also to the way he presents his designs. Often photographed with his talented team, this former member of the house Celine relies on its ability to create a community to support the development of its eponymous label.

Peter Do ignored the traditional show, choosing to publish a lookbook for all of its collections so far. Although he’s constantly pushing the limits, the designer has announced that he will present his collection in the form of a traditional runway during New York Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2022. It remains to be seen if he will appear in front of the show. the public.

Phoebe philo

Phoebe philo – formerly Creative Director of Celine – has managed to maintain a relatively low-profile presence despite its high-profile status. From 2008 to 2018, she reshaped the French brand by creating lightweight feminine clothing that reinterprets classic silhouettes for the modern woman.

Since her departure, the designer has retained a discreet status despite rumors of launching her own label. Known for her powerful designs, the British designer doesn’t necessarily appreciate the spotlight. She once said: “The most chic is when you don’t exist in Google. My God, I wish I was that person!

Raf Simons

With passages noticed in Jil Sander, Dior, Calvin Klein, and now Prada, Raf Simons has established himself as a designer of taste in the fashion industry. The Belgian’s minimal approach to men’s clothing has allowed him not only to develop his own identity as a designer, but also to reinterpret the DNA of several iconic brands. Despite its influence on the industry, Simons remains an elusive character. The designer is notoriously difficult to contact and he has a very close-knit team that follows him in his various creative projects.

Miuccia Prada

Miuccia Prada, great lady of Italian fashion, is a quiet force at Prada and Miu Miu since the 1980s. The unique approach of Prada in femininity makes the designer an exception in a sea of ​​luxury brands run by male creative directors. Although she was one of the main creators of new silhouettes, new shapes and new accessories, she maintains an extremely reserved and discreet status.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

The duo of sisters at the origin of The Row, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, has kept a discreet aura throughout his tenure at the head of creation. Despite the resounding success of the two sisters in the world of fashion and cinema, they have chosen to let their ready-to-wear with minimalist accents take center stage.

In a recent and rare interview, Ashley Olsen said : “We really didn’t want to be in the foreground. We didn’t even necessarily want people to know it was us, in a way. I mean, that was one of those things where it was really about the product, to the point where we were like, “Who could we have to put it forward so that we don’t have to. make ?” I think until this day you will see that we really put the product first.

Hedi Slimane

Mysterious spirit behind Celine, Hedi Slimane is one of the most elusive designers in fashion. Known for his clean designs and understated color palette, the transformation of Celine through Hedi Slimane was not without controversy. It is in particular he who deleted the “é” of Celine, dropping his accent … Despite his highly publicized mandate within the French house (Slimane was previously Creative Director of Dior for men and of Saint Laurent), the French designer remains an enigma.