July 28, 2021

The schedule of the 4×4 Grenadier upset

Impacted by the global pandemic, the production of pomegranate, which was initially scheduled for the beginning of next year, will be postponed by a few months. The meeting is in July 2022 in the Smart factory in Hambach, in Moselle.

© Ineos

British group Ineos – owned by billionaire Jim Ratcliffe – announced via a press release the postponement of production of its 4×4 Grenadier. While the production start date was scheduled for early 2022, it is finally July 2022. ” later “ that it will eventually take place. The English operator justifies his change of calendar by “Inevitable delays in 2020” linked to the pandemic. In fact, almost all production sites worldwide have been forced to close their doors for several weeks.

Ineos has just completed dynamic tests to observe the behavior of Grenadier on Austrian mountain roads and at low temperatures in Sweden. Other trials will soon be organized in Death Valley in the United States and in the dunes of the Middle East. “We have made great progress since the very first versions of the Grenadier that I piloted a year ago”, Explain Jim Ratcliffe, before adding later: “There is still work to be done, but I am convinced that the Grenadier will do the work for which we have developed it”.

“Reaching this important development milestone is a big step forward for the project. We only have one opportunity to make it happen. Our quality and performance objectives for Grenadier remain essential ” complete Dirk Heilmann, at the head of Ineos Automotive, the group’s automotive branch.

The all-terrain vehicle will see the light of day at the Smart factory in Hambach, in Moselle, formerly owned by the German group Daimler. While the Grenadier will initially be available in petrol and diesel versions, Ineos does not rule out the launch of a cleaner energy version.