July 25, 2021

Top 10 richest women in China in 2017

According to a report by the Hurun Research Institute, the average fortune of the top 50 female entrepreneurs in mainland China increased 48% from the previous year, reaching a record high of 23.1 billion yuan (2.94 billion euros), and the base level needed to be on the list increased by 25% to 10 billion yuan (1.27 billion euros).

The Hurun report, titled China’s Richest Women in 2017, showed Yang Huiyan, vice president of Country Garden Holdings, became China’s richest woman with 160 billion yuan, followed by Zhou Qunfei of Lens. Technology, and Wu Yajun, of Longfor Properties, with 70 billion yuan (8.92 billion euros) and 52.5 billion yuan (6.69 billion euros) respectively.

Industry sectors like real estate and financial investments are the main sources of wealth for female entrepreneurs on the list, at 24% and 20% respectively. However, the female entrepreneur who has built her fortune on her own and has had the most success comes from the manufacturing industry.

Likewise, Shenzhen overtook Beijing to become the preferred home city for female entrepreneurs on this year’s list, with Shanghai taking third place.

This is the 12th consecutive year that the Hurun Research Institute has published this kind of report since 2006.

Here are China’s richest women on the 2017 list:

N° 10-Ma Dongmin

Fortune: 28 billion yuan (3.56 billion euros)

Company: Baidu Inc

Industry sector: search engine


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