July 29, 2021

China: 10 Power Figures of Tomorrow

Still little known in France, the Chinese power is coming to acquire new faces: they are entrepreneurs, artists, architects or even scientists… here is a list of these women and men from China who are already shaping the world of tomorrow.

1. Xi Jingping – 7th President of the People’s Republic of China

Descendant of one of the eight immortals of the Chinese Communist Party, Xi Jingping became Secretary General of the Chinese Communist Party in 2012. Two projects mark his mandate: the first is the desire to revive the old Silk Road through massive investments in order to develop the interior of China and create a globalization with Chinese characters. The second, launched in 2013, can be summed up in two words: the Chinese dream. A true political slogan, this project, which echoes the American dream, aims to strengthen patriotic sentiment by relying on 12 fundamental values ​​close to Confucianism. In other words, Xi Jingping associates “vision-determination-guts” as underlined in The Opinion David Baverez, installed in Hong Kong.

2. Daniel Zhang, known as Jack Ma – the Charismatic Entrepreneur

The man who won 3 billion in one night… Sébastien Badault, CEO of Alibaba France praises, in an interview for La Saga des Audacieux, the career of Jack Ma “ it is not an engineer who left Harvard or Stanford to develop his system “. Jack Ma did not in fact follow a classic university course. He failed 3 times the GaoKao, the Chinese equivalent of the baccalaureate. Director of Chinese giant Alibaba valued by Bloomberg at more than 403 billion dollars, Jack Ma is also at the head of Alipay, an automated payment system, used by more than 300 million Chinese. Finally, remember that the giant Alibaba was only created in 1999.

3. Ieoh Ming Pei – The Architect of the Louvre Pyramid

His name is little known to Parisians. Yet this artist changed the face of the Louvre museum by installing his famous pyramid there. Then Minister of Culture under François Mitterrand, Jack Lang had carried the Grand Louvre project with incredible audacity. Ioeh Ming Pei is undoubtedly one of the most famous architects of his time, with achievements such as the Bank of China tower in Hong Kong and the Dallas city hall. Dean of this list, Ieoh Ming Pei this year celebrated his 100th birthday.

Bank of China à Hong-Kong

4. Priscilla Chan – The Wife of Mark Zuckerberg

The only personality of this ranking of origin and not of Chinese nationality, Priscilla Chan met Mark Zuckerberg in 2003. At the head of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative which should weigh more than 45 billion dollars, the wife of the founder of Facebook wishes to support projects philanthropic in education and health. Maitre Masset, lawyer at the Paris bar, recalls that ” this foundation is also a means of benefiting from an advantageous tax regime, exemption from taxes and inheritance rights … “. What qualifies the philanthropic ambition of this initiative.

5. Wang Jianlin: The Richest Man in China

Named the richest man in China in 2013 in the Forbes ranking, this man is the king of entertainment in China. Wanda has 40 5-star hotels, 6,000 cinemas and 71 shopping centers. His fortune has since tripled to reach $ 30 billion.

6. Ai Weiwei: The Revolted Artist

A committed artist, Ai Weiwei is a signatory of Charter 08, a manifesto created by former Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo which promotes political reform and the democratic movement in China. Among his works, we can note the Sunflower Seeds or the ” Bird nest », Emblematic stadium of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Bird’s Nest in Beijing

7. LuHan – The Chinese Bieber

Another illustrious unknown, this singer and actor was recently chosen as ” Star Wars Ambassador to China “While managing to sell a million titles in less than 5 days … Justin Bieber was banned from representation by the Chinese government because of his” behavior problems ».

8. Zhou Qunfei – China’s Richest Worker

She is the richest woman in China. Founder of the giant Lens Technology, Zhoiu Qunfei is at the head of a fortune of more than 7 billion euros and is one of the figures of the Chinese dream: left as a simple worker, she is now at the head of her company that she started at the age of 22. This is specialized in the manufacture of watch glasses and for example supplies Apple for the sapphire crystal for the Apple Watch. Only 47 years old, she has already created 11 companies with an IPO in March 2015.

9. Chen Ning Yang – The Nobel Prize in Physics

Coming from a modest background, Chen Ning Yang obtained his Nobel Prize in Physics in 1957 for his discoveries on elementary particles. Unexpected fact: he was naturalized American in 1964; nationality he decided to give up in 2015 in order to move back to China.

10. Hu Chunhua – The Rising Figure of the 6th Generation of Chinese Politicians

Little known in the West, this graduate in Chinese literature is one of the rising figures in the 6th generation of Chinese leaders. This 6th generation should be fully in power after the 20th party congress in 2022. He is also one of the youngest provincial leaders of the Chinese Communist Party and has notably worked in Tibet under the leadership of former Chinese President Hu Jintao.

Philippe Branche, Manager in connected objects

Article Co-Written with Mathilde Aubinaud, Founder of The Saga of the Bold as part of our surveys, conducted from Shanghai