August 4, 2021

Cologny, the hill of millionaires

With its hillside overlooking Lake Geneva and its prestigious institutions, the Geneva municipality still attracts as many great fortunes from around the world.

On its own, Cologny concentrates a quarter of the sales of prestigious real estate objects in Geneva.

Credit: Laurent Guiraud / TDG

The figures speak for themselves: five of the ten sales of prestigious properties (more than 5 million) that have been made over the last ten years in the canton of Geneva have been made on Cologny. These transactions are symptomatic of the profile of buyers. The most expensive, acquired for 57.5 million francs in 2013 by one of the daughters of former King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, is a vast property of nearly two hectares at the Cologny quay.

During the summer of 2009, it was the State of Qatar which bought a house along the Cologny ramp from Maurice Dabbah for 47 million francs. This summer, the daughter of Gunvor’s co-founder, the Finnish-Russian Gennady Timchenko, parted with her property acquired by another Russian national for 39.5 million francs. For a price close enough, 38 million, the businessman of Syrian origin Ead Samawi offered himself in 2010 a nice pied-à-terre. Finally, in February 2014, the heir of the late former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri sold his colognote property to settle in Monaco for 35 million francs.

Of course, we cannot reduce this municipality of 5,500 inhabitants to these few acquisitions of citizens of the Near and Middle East and the former Soviet bloc. However, Cologny remains one of the four most popular Geneva municipalities, with Vandeuvres, Collonge-Bellerive and Chêne-Bougeries (thanks to the Conches district).

Generally, more than a quarter of the sales of prestigious real estate objects are made on Cologny. Over the first ten months of this year, no less than ten sales were made in this municipality, with an average transaction price of nearly 12 million francs. The 3.67 km2 surface area colognote also host the headquarters of the World Economic Forum, whose 300 or so employees are superbly well established, with a breathtaking view, just in front of the famous Golf de Genève, located mainly on Vandeuvres, but nicknamed despite this the “Golf de Cologny “.

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Conversely, Genève-Plage, more popular, is located on the Colognote territory… Another institution is there: the Martin Bodmer Foundation, named after its founder. It is a private library and museum which holds a large collection of autograph manuscripts and prints. The foundation site houses around 150,000 pieces. The Martin Bodmer Foundation (founded in 1971) has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for two years. Martin Bodmer’s idea was to bring together the most important texts, in the form as close as possible to the time of their genesis, to the original.

Many advantages

Besides the spirit, Colognotes can eat at the famous Restaurant Le Lion-d’Or, run by the duo Gilles Dupont and Thomas Byrne. Members of the Geneva Golf-Club also have a choice table, with a view of the magnificent course, which has been completely redone recently. In this town ruled by a predominantly female triumvirate, the number of nursery places (compared to the number of preschool children) rises Cologny to 3e Place des communes genevoises and in 1re position for humanitarian and development aid. Among its happy residents are Alan Parker, the Ojjeh family, the Alireza family, Patrick Drahi and Torbjörn Törnqvist. Impossible to draw up an exhaustive list.

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