July 24, 2021

Doctor Who L’ventreur de Tony Lee, Al Davison & Blair Shedd

Inspector Clouseau, this is Inspector Abberline … one of the brightest minds in Scotland Yard.

The cataclysmic stay on a plant populated with holograms was a revelation for the Doctor, Rory and Amy. The danger of spam is obvious, especially if one uses a space-time cell phone to check e-mail on board a living spaceship in inter-space dimensional relativity. Spam indeed materializes in holographic form and interferes with the lives of the inhabitants of Tardis offering them various pubs, inviting them to fall into virtual scams, not to mention invitations from friends of a certain social network:

- You have been invited to the event “UNIT Christmas fight” Five of your previous companions are also invited. Do you want to join them?
After this nightmarish interlude, the Doctor decided that it was useful to rebuild his mental health in the distant year 1888 which saw the launch of the football league. But here it is, 1888 is also the year of the crimes of the Jack the Ripper.
What are the Doctor, Rory and Amy going to be doing in Victorian London? But to conduct the investigation of course, especially since the Doctor is convinced that the culprit is an Alien. Thus the exile of Gallifrey, the nurse of the XXIst century and the Scottish nerve become members of a secret organization of the police (“The Experts of London”): bearing the names of Doctor, Inspector Clouseau and Miss Marple (thanks to the miracles of psychic paper).
Of course, changing historical events is out of the question and … since Amy is here it is obvious that she will try.
This picturesque episode resolves the historical problem of Jack the Ripper. However in the TV episode “The Demon’s Retreat” Madame Vastra telegramed Detective Frederick Abberline informing her that she had definitely fixed the Jack the Ripper problem.
We must conclude that either the screenwriter Tony Lee did not follow all the episodes of season 6, or the saber-wielding Silurian made a slight blunder …

Damien Dhondt

Screenplay: Tony Lee, Drawing: Andrew Currie, Richard Piers, Rayner, Horacio Domingues & Tim Hamilton, Colors: Phil Elliot & Charlie Kirchoff_ Doc Who L’ventreur _ Translation: Yoann Boisseau _ Edition French Eyes_ Indit, medium format, 100 color pages _ 14 euros