July 28, 2021

Noir sur Blanc takes over the Slavic fund of the Age of Man

Vera Michalski-Hoffmann, president of the foundation, in front of the writers’ huts of the Jan Michalski Foundation suspended from the canopy in Montricher (VD) (archives). KEYSTONE / LAURENT GILLIERON sda-ats

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Editions Noir sur Blanc, founded in 1987 by Jan and Vera Michalski in Montricher (VD), take up the Slavic Classics collection from Editions de l’Age d’Homme. They will republish titles with new covers and prefaces.

This fund has about 600 titles out of the 4,500 in the Age of Man catalog, Andonia Dimitrijevic-Borel, daughter of founder Vladimir Dimitrijevic, told ATS on Tuesday. We have to bring this collection to life and it was no longer within the means of the team of five people who take care of the Age of Man today.

More visibility

For this reason, Andonia Dimitrijevic is pleased with the agreement reached with Vera Michalski, also known in the canton of Vaud for the House of writing in Montricher. Noir sur Blanc is part of the Libella group, based in Lausanne and directed by Vera Michalski, which notably includes Buchet / Chastel, Phébus or Libretto.

The other collections of the Age of Man “are not affected by this agreement and the current editorial activity of the house remains unchanged”, underlines the joint press release. The reissued titles will pay “an explicit homage” to Vladimir Dimitrijevic (1934-2011) and will constitute a special collection within Noir sur Blanc.

Monumental work

L’Age d’Homme is refocusing on Swiss and French-speaking literature, notes Andonia Dimitrijevic, who likes to follow the authors. Bringing this Slavic fund back to life is “a monumental task”. With this solution, he remains united and does not scatter, rejoices the manager. The agreement also covers a number of major translations from the Au coeur du monde collection.

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