July 27, 2021

They are speculating on Bitcoin on the sly … But what is Soros group playing?

Crypto-trading ignored – Whether it is the BlackRock mega-fund or the Soros financial nebula, these groups are very discreet about their investments, especially if they are sulphurous cryptocurrencies. The Soros Fund Management would however indeed be trading bitcoins (BTC).

Soros reportedly started playing with cryptos

We already knew, since last March, that the Soros Fund Management, the private investment company of the billionaire George Soros, took a keen interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, as these assets would currently be at a Most crucial “inflection point”.

Today, we learn that the CIO (Director of Investments) of the Soros fund, Dawn Fitzpatrick, would have given the green light for trade bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies over the last weeks.

According to the words of these same anonymous sources that Cointelegraph reports in particular, Dawn Fitzpatrick would also be in discussion for acquire a stake in leading companies in the blockchain sector.

It wouldn’t be not a first, since Soros Fund Management had already discreetly participated, last March, in the turn of $ 200 million funding for NDYIG, a company specializing in Bitcoin investment solutions.

As sums it up very well Anthony Pompliano on Twitter, this arrival of the Soros fund in the crypto-game may “To be positive or negative [pour Bitcoin], depending on how they trade it [à l’achat ou à la vente] ».

Publication de Anthony Pompliano – Source : Twitter

When we know that Soros has not hesitated in the past to “blow up” the Bank of England by manipulating the pound sterling through short sales, we can indeed fear the worst. But if we are to believe the above statements from the CIO, regarding the crypto market in “inflection point”, the vision of the billionaire group would be rather bullish. Either way, don’t count on them to reveal what they’re up to. !

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