August 1, 2021

A processing plant in Rennes in 2019!

While the fate of the PSA plant is still pending, the AF Corp consortium has just reached an agreement with the town hall of Rennes and the Regional Council of Brittany to establish an industrial processing plant. At the end of the day, a hundred jobs. Scheduled opening: end of 2019.

AF Corp is an economic interest group resulting from a merger between Henderson Land Development, Nisan Industries and CaFood, three companies whose headquarters are respectively domiciled in Hong-Kong, Ankara and Quy Nhon. The company resulting from this grouping is represented by Lee Shau Kee, a whimsical billionaire whose taste for yachts makes the imagination of nautical enthusiasts travel. Mayor Nathalie Appéré would thus have agreed to grant the businessman a location on the Quai de la Prévalaye near the Jean Nouvel building (see our article) to park one of his boats there twice a year. A concession that would have paid off: Rennes was preferred to Nantes, also for the potential represented by the future multimodal platform of Châteaubourg supposed to link the airport to the road, to the Breton ports and to the factory site.

reindeer factory This factory is planned to transform every day, according to the information we have gathered from a source close to the file, from 1 to 2 tonnes of fish from the Breton coasts in particular in order to produce sauces and condiments intended for the whole of Europe. , but also in the Mediterranean basin. It is a vast land located between the Porte de Nantes and Chantepie which would have been retained for the implantation. There remains an unknown: how, once the project has become public, will the elected environmentalists and the opposition react?

reindeer factory In fact, although a provider of jobs, some may not look favorably on the parade of trucks transporting tons of fish in order to manufacture in particular Nuoc Mam fish sauce which is used by Vietnamese cooks and by various cooked dishes, including more and more paella. Fortunately, the manufacturing process does not provide for traditional drying in the sun, but in huge climatic cells, recovered from a former supplier of PSA. But what about the olfactory releases and the evacuation of waste from this production, to say the least, exotic? AF Corp – which Universe successfully contacted this morning – assured us that the technology employed would reduce odor emissions by 99.99%. To have. Or, rather, to feel …